1. Valocalrep

    Exhaust bung

    So where is the best place to order a exhaust bung and screw in muffler from? Having a hard time finding them on google maybe im just interneting wrong today :confused:
  2. R

    exhaust lot

    Various exhaust system components... some headers, a couple of RTV silencers (one new in wrapper, the other used), a couple chrome silencers/pipes that I've no clue as to what application they fit, and a variety of materials for a skilled fabricator. $65 plus shipping. I would cover shipping...
  3. Ding Ding

    WTB: Arctic Cat Climber tuned exhaust

    Looking for a tuned exhaust pipe for a 1971 Arctic Cat Climber. Looks like this: Mike
  4. R

    301 CC predator exhaust question

    This is my first small engine project. I have a 301CC predator & would like to know if I make a custom header, with an RLV muffler on it, will I need to do anytihng to the carb, not even sure if you can re-jet ? I just don't want to lean it out. I want the exhaust to exit under the seat /...
  5. Ajf

    Bonanza hodaka exhaust

    I'm looking for an original bonanza hodaka exhaust. I know there is reproduction ones made but I need an original one. I will trade a show chromed reproduction for an original or pay cash. Please pm if you have one or email at aaronfriedl@yahoo.com.
  6. bikebudy

    TEC exhaust NPT thread tap ?

    Would this be correct to buy ? 1/2-14 NPT pipe tap
  7. slywilliez

    Rupp tt500 and Roadster performance exhaust

    Looking for the option performance exhaust for the Rupp tt500 and 69 roadster. Let me know what you have thanks.
  8. Biffmini

    HS50 exhaust?

    Is anyone making this exhaust. I purchased just the muffler w/ threaded nip. I'll need the bent pipe w/ flange & can the muffler l got be welded to pipe to make it look somewhat like original?
  9. R

    1970 Rupp Roadster Heat Shield & Chaparral ST80 Exhaust Pipe

    1970 Rupp Roadster Heat Shield $20 shipped. Chaparral ST80 / T80 Exhaust Pipe $75 shipped. I accept Paypal, Checks or Money Orders. Parts are located near Milwaukee, WI, so if you prefer local pick up, I'll sell the parts cheaper since I won't be shipping them in that case...
  10. gammatg

    Heathkit Hilltopper Muffler includes clamp and exhaust tube

    Needs rechromed but no dents or holes in it. If anyone wants more detailed pics or any questions pm me. Thanks $75 plus shipping
  11. Not so mini bike

    Nos hs40 with chrome exhaust

    This was sitting in an old mans basement for over 20 years. Guy owned a small engine repair shop. Ordered this engine to fix a piece of equipment for a customer and they never came back. Had oil and a little gas added to test. This engine runs. Included is the correct chrome hs40 dog leg...
  12. ReactionTime

    Exhaust -- Ninja quiet

    Hey all. I need some help, particularly with exhaust. Due to my location I sadly do not have the privilege to run open header pipes, I need the exact opposite. What would you guys recommend to get engines as quiet as possible? Germans are seriously not fans of noise, or karts for the fact. Could...
  13. David wulf

    Taylor chrome slanted exhaust

    This pipe came off my rupp scrambler . It's chrome plated and in great shape , has a slight bit of yellowing near flange but that's normal with heat . This is a spark arrester model and the screen is in prefect shape. This would look great on a rupp restoration or any that need the slanted...
  14. David wulf

    Custom made Taylor replica exhaust pipe

    These are similar to the famous Taylor exhaust pipe . They are pipes have no muffler . They have 1/2" bungs welded on to screw small muffles on . These are for the 3 to 3 1/2 hp Tecs . Can be made HS 40-50's and Briggs 5 hp's Price 45.00 plus shipping . They fit in a small if it fits it ships...
  15. Midyrman

    WTB : BC1400 exhaust pipe support bracket

    Looking for the two piece bracket set for the left side of the BC1400 H50 bike where the exhaust exits to the left side of the bike. Mounts on the left rear shock mount. Thanks. Tom
  16. jeep4me

    Mock Gatling Gun Exhaust

    I have three gatling gun exhaust pipes. Just in time for the 2016 build off. All three are powered by 12v. Two of them rotate and have red LED lights that show out of the barrels. The third exhaust only lights up and rotates from wind. These are mock exhaust and not made to be connected to an...
  17. P

    Exhaust pipe

    Does anyone happen to know which pipe would work. I have a original frame db30 with a predator and no mounting plate it is mounted on the original plate. The exhaust on the OldMiniBikes website has a underseat mini bike pipe with muffler, then a tall version. Does anyone know which one fits better?
  18. thomas3120

    Looking for Exhaust manifold - straight pipe for my Mitsubishi GT600

    Hello, I decided to remove the stock muffler and make/weld a straight pipe that fits inside the left rear shocks, stays clear of the tire and exits rear left under edge of the rear fender: I know the welds aren't pretty, using an Arc welder w/rods and also still learning. Tough time...
  19. jeep4me

    Ultra Rare Saucer Exhaust

    Selling my ultra rare saucer exhaust/spark arrestor. Solid construction, not rusted thru. Your motor could be only one of a handful in existence with this type of muffler. Truly a head turner. Don't let this one time opportunity slip thru your hands. Buy it today. Asking $50 plus shipping...
  20. CarPlayLB

    NEW! Tecumseh side popper exhaust with bolts

    Here is a brand new Tecumseh side popper exhaust that was stolen from a new 3.5HP side popper. This has never been used, only mounted and stuck on a shelf for years. To your door (lower 48 only) for the low, low price of $15.66 (or best offer or something to barter!)