1. S

    exhaust and muffler suggestions?

    hey everyone. so i decided to dig out my old bike and get it going again. One of reasons i put it away was because it was so loud and had virtually no exhaust, so i decided to change it completely and hopefully make it quieter. Its a Tecumseh H60 this is what I have thus far: I wanted to...
  2. B

    Speedway exhaust pipe/ muffler

    I am in need of a exhaust pipe and muffler for my Speedway Shrike. It has the original Tec motor on it. Thanks
  3. Iron Honky

    Roadster 2 exhaust

    Got a rider quality exhaust for a rupp roadster 2. Asking $45 shipped.
  4. D

    new parts = no start

    Removed governor 18lb. Springs Air Filter Exhaust 1" Timing key 6 degree Emulsion tube 140 + 37 jet No start choked/non-choked.... Occasional blue flame out exhaust n carb.. Swapped back stock emulsion & jet got more blue flames out of carb n exhaust.. I may have failed on setting...
  5. B

    Titanium tubing

    I have a piece of thin walled 1 1/2" o.d. Tubing also a piece of 1" titanium tubing for sale. There about 3ft long. This is extreamly light and very strong material and since its made for heat exchangers it would be excellent for exhaust systems. Price is 65.00 per piece plus shipping. Contact...
  6. Iron Honky

    1971 hs40 lighted coil.

    Was gonna restore this motor but I have 2 right now. No tank and has a diaphragm carb. Carb probably needs to be gone through. Has good spark and compression. No exhaust. Asking $225 plus shipping. I'll post some pictures in a little bit.
  7. J

    Hawg Ty Minibike exhaust needed for Predator 212cc engine

    Subject says it all. Where can I get an exhaust pipe and muffler to replace the stock one on a Predator 212cc that I put in my Hawg Ty minibike? I want to buy one that fits out of the box if possible.
  8. Scumbag

    (2) Briggs OEM exhaust

    (2) Briggs OEM exhaust ($10 each plus shipping) off my 5HP (Brand new / with bolts) $10 plus shipping off my 3.5 HP (brand new / no bolts) $10 plus shipping I have no use for this piece and will throw it in free if you want it...(brand new/ off the 3.5 HP)...
  9. C

    Need to raise exhaust

    I'm trying to mount a clone to a leaf blower like someone did in this pic. Trouble is, they had to smash the exhaust to get it to fit flush. Any simple way to raise the exhaust straight up to clear the impeller housing?
  10. dakota

    Box o parts -

    Box of Parts Briggs exhaust - Briggs control panel - brake cable - briggs 3.5 head (damaged threads) - Bennelli horn & light switch - Harley pegs - hockey puck 3/4 bore - Tappered Generator shaft adapter - briggs exhaust deflector - briggs gaskets $ 75 + $10 shipping. no parting out - buy it...
  11. dakota

    Exhaust Valve Needed

    Help - I Need a Exhaust Valve for a 97cc Baja doodlebug motor will buy or trade . Thanks William.. :scooter:
  12. CarPlayLB

    Briggs 5HP exhaust nut

    Hello OldMiniBikes'ers I need a few of the 3/4" NPT exhaust nuts, the round ones with the notches on them to tighten them down. I know I can use hardware store stuff, but I want the old skool thick ones. They chrome up nice! Let me know what ya got! ...and thanks!:thumbsup:
  13. 2SlickNick

    Weiner Pipe

    Hey guys, I am needing some help on exhaust pipes. I have been working on my DB 30 trike build for my wife and need an exhaust. My wife wanted the stock muffler because it is quiet. I made a custom TC mounting plate to house my 7" driven and I don't have a lot of clearance from exhaust to...
  14. JohnnyTillotson

    Frozen exhaust valve

    This oldie I picked up a few weeks ago has a frozen exhaust valve. I can tap it back down during the intake stroke and it comes back up during the exhaust stroke but it sticks up. I shot PB down into it. Hopefully that frees it up but any other advice?
  15. mlanzoni

    Tecumseh Exhaust

    Tecumseh exhaust. Very little use. Came off H60-75354J. Very good condition. Free Shipping to lower 48 states. $15.00
  16. markus

    3.5 briggs exhaust "flange" part number??

    On some the later 3.5hp style engines they have a flange convertor that screws into the 1/2 pipe thead on the exhaust and sticks out just a touch with a standard 2 bolt flange for bolting on the bigger muffs that cant unscrew with the tank on. Anyone have a part number for that or a stock...
  17. P

    Benelli Volcano

    Looking for a Benelli Volcano seat also looking for headlight bucket, fenders and exhaust (if not rusty) call me 240-299-0644
  18. P

    Benelli Volcano

    Looking for a Benelli Volcano seat also looking for headlight bucket, fenders and exhaust (if not rusty) call me 240-299-0644
  19. C


    Looking for a H70 . Will not need a carb or exhaust. I will used paypal and will need it shipped to 34236. Thanks
  20. J

    Saving an old Briggs 3HP (1969)

    OK I have an old Mike Bike that I have owned since it was new. We ran them for maybe 4 years then parked it in a garage/barn. I am rebuilding it and have it down to the bare motor (flywheel and clutch off, head off) the piston and cylinder look real good. Exhaust valve is caked up but...