1. FunWithStuff

    How to Chrome?

    Hello. I have some fenders and handlebars on my mini bike that I am wanting to re-chrome. Does anyone have any advice on how to do this? I'm new to chroming things so I would like some advice going forward. From scant research that I have done it turns out chroming may be a little pricey and if...
  2. Z

    Looking Eric m. Buffalo

    Still trying to find Eric m. From buffalo NY. My neighbor keeps stopping over telling me Eric is on this site! Says he's been on for a while. Just trying to hook up with him maybe swap some parts and finish up our bikes! Just not enough people around the buffalo area that I know of that are into...
  3. glenn baine

    Power dyne remember this one

    i been on this one for around 2 years now. waiting for my decals. and finish up wiring. :smile:
  4. M

    Newbie From Aus

    Gday people mini motorbike nut from South Australia got a few minibikes in the collection in various states starting to restore a few of my bikes recently need to finish a few projects before i get any more
  5. Arielsq


    Looking for dunecycle parts or machines. Looking for a 101 engine to finish a resto project.
  6. D

    Finally found one!

    I finally found an old DB30. I've been looking for a deal on one for a while. It seems like you guys always tell me how you find them for $4, and you talk them down to $3. Well, I'm pretty happy with this one. It is spray bombed poorly, but I'll strip it and powder it anyway. It has...
  7. D

    2015 OldMiniBikes Build-Off Bird JFF

    Okay, so I bought this last year after watching you guys build some great bikes for the build off. It then sat in my garage and didn't get finished. It does have a custom front end (thanks to my brother-in-law), and I threw on some really ugly zbars that I welded. I can't wait to show you my...
  8. S

    Today's CL find

    After selling all my Cats and my long held stash of Cat parts, I got sucked back in by this one. Needs a rear fender and the 2 speed parts, and a clutch cover. She's a good solid old Cat that needs saving. I'll be searching for the missing parts for it while I finish my Aggie 97.
  9. O

    Santa's friend sold me this.

    My new $10.00 mini. I know I need to finish at least one of my other minis.
  10. dajsnipe

    Metal Finish, need advice

    Awhile back one one you guys suggested mixing acetone with something for a finish on metal, I think it may have been linseed oil. It worked great and I need to do it again, can you refresh my memory? Thanks What I am looking for is a finish that will harden but not look shiny, that I can...
  11. naterater

    essentials to get started and to finish right

    this is a pic of the two cheapest things you can buy for your bike or cart- that will save you so much money you can secretly build a trike on the side without your wife finding out . xD . we all know engines vibrate , generate mass amounts of energy , and bolts can come lose. after my predator...
  12. L

    Anybody know name ? Want to finish it.

    Not sure I did this right Ibut it looks like it worked. Given to my son by a neighbor and looking for help in brand in order to finish it up and restore. Thanks for any help
  13. bullhead

    Engine finish

    Ok...senior moment seems to be lasting all day! I remember a thread. But I can't find it. Where do I get a finish on my engine skins? Like the one, skulls finish. On NR Racings engine in his home page photo. NR RACING Bullhead
  14. Peekster

    Frijole finish

    Its been so long I cant find the project thread so here it is.Done but need to add brake return spring.Tried to add a little bling with some stainless steel assy.
  15. K

    The Best Minibike. Buy it, finish it. Riverside, CA

    Email, or call. I dont use this site too often to check messages here. / Lee 951-780-7276, 951-313-7514 (92502 zip) Look at this loaded Custom roller, and Rare 6hp OHV (Hemi head) Mitsubishi, runs excellent, carb taken off to show large circular port(s) Engine restored...
  16. Norwalkin

    Cannonball run Finish

    :drinkup: Hey Now! :thumbsup: To those in So. Cal there is an event "Coast to Coast Vintage Motorcycle run" finishing tomorrow at the Santa Monica Pier. (Please excuse this post if I missed the thread on it) :shrug: But several moped groups are going to try to follow the caravan on...