1. topnotch

    Bonanza 1510Mx finished!!!

    Here is the Bonanza 1510Mx completely restored every nut and bolt.
  2. G

    finished this recently #007

    thought I would show a few pics of my latest build. Mick
  3. J

    rupp restoration i finished last year.

    finally getting around to posting it. I spent 2 years looking for parts that were reasonable cost. The biggest cost was 300 for the nos tecumseh 4 hp. I drive this frequently and my kids love it. just thought i would share.
  4. kyle moody

    just finished lil indian build

  5. jeffdubb8

    BRONCCO TX-4 Finished

    As much as I love the coffin style tanks, I really dig these simplistic Broncco TX-4's. So basic, yet classy. Everything down to the bolts has been restored. NOS seat, NOS wheels, NOS grips, and the Aspera HT25 engine was completely torn down and rebuilt. I really like that Spray Max 2k...
  6. jeffdubb8

    Broncco TX-3 Finished!

    Finished another one...this time it's my Broncco TX-3. I really tried to be as correct as possible, using all original bolts/nuts and all other parts are NOS. Seat is NOS, tires NOS, grips NOS, wheels (inners and outers) NOS. The only things that are 'non-Broncco' are the brake/throttle cable...
  7. Stitch

    Coleman CT200U seat, shocks, front end mods finished today

    Well, I finally finished this project today. Special thanks going out to FOMOGO, KEN and TRIPLE A! On to another custom DB30.....
  8. Stitch

    CT200U Finished with 212cc upgrades - Nice exhaust mod

    Well, it's 99% finished. Got the TAV mounted with a frame mod. I still have to wrap the exhaust. I bought the OldMiniBikes 1" go kart exhaust with screw on muffler for Predator 212cc. Great deal! I just...
  9. P

    Just finished my custom DB30

    My first minibike project! Disassembled, cleaned, blasted and painted. Black base, metalflaked clear. Airbrushed graphics. Drum fuel tank. Mexican blanket seat. Custom exhaust. Rounded and flared fenders. Chrome air cleaner. Dumb old 97cc.
  10. P

    1973 Speedway Spyder, just finished!

    I just finished my 1973 Speedway Spyder. This one of two know.
  11. K

    Finished our first build

    Alright guys, finished our first build. It was a lot of fun taking this $20 craigslist find and making it into a mini wheelie monster lol. Next we are going to do some kart stuff as the name suggests, but we do have another roper in the garage that we plan to actually restore with help from a...
  12. P

    The legendary Speedway "Super Bitch" is finally finished!

    The Speedway Super Bitch is finally done!
  13. sam j

    Powell is finished. Time to ride

    Just finished the Powell and took it out for a ride around the property. What a blast! Now its time to finish the grand kids mini bikes and go kart so that we can do some mini bike barrel racing in the wife's horse arena.
  14. P

    custom Rupp "DEMON" project finished

    started off with a scrambler frame and tank,...2 stage candy apple red metallic powder coating....wheels were powder coated in chrome silver.....i made the custom graphics myself. 212cc stock predator with custom built baffled exhaust...TONS of new parts...FUN project !
  15. myjunk

    Just finished my Rupp Chevy Jr

    I just finished up my winters project, I think it turned out pretty good.
  16. M

    finished project

    I just thought I show off the finished project. topped off with a seat from Manchester1:thumbsup:
  17. Biffmini

    Cat DEADPOOL Theam mini finished!

    I'm very happy how this turned out Thanks! to Bikebudy for the decals. Lights are just for looks.
  18. P

    another rupp finished

    heres another rupp "back from the dead !",............. so i thought i would have some fun and create a new rupp model and call it a ZOMBIE :laugh:,.(zombies are big these days !)..everything powdercoated in 2 stage zombie green metallic, and the wheels and handlebars are powdercoated...
  19. ogygopsis

    Fox Campus Motors Are Finished

    Just finished up the ten Briggs & Stratton motors for the ten Fox Campus bikes that I am restoring and thought you might like to take a look at them. I decided to go with five of the 3hp and five of the 4hp. All of them have been blueprinted to factory specs. with all new internal and external...
  20. T

    Hello from oregon. just finished this.

    I put a predator 670 cc v-twin on it. This thing moves! I thnk it is an alsport.