1. K

    Cat 400 seat frame

    I got a cat 400 but no suspension seat frame. Can I get some pics so my buddy and I can make one for it. Please and thank you
  2. J

    1972 Honda ct-70 frame -4 speed clutch frame $195

    Frame has damage $195-original 4 speed clutch frame
  3. slywilliez

    FS 1971 rupp scrambler Frame!

    I have what is left over from a 1971 Rupp Scrambler parts bike. There is alot of good parts on the bike or can start a cheap build with it. Price 150 firm. Can bring to Windber for free.
  4. noseoil

    Bottom Frame Members, straight line?

    Having trouble at the house with my email server, so I can't load the picture I took, but here's my question. My Baja MB165 frame rails aren't in line across the bottom. If I use a straight edge along the bottom on the motor mount area of the frame, the rear rails where the axle is attached...
  5. D

    Vintage 70's Efenel lower frame assy NOS

    I have new in boxes 70's Efenel lower frame assays with kickstands. They have been stored in a dealership the last 40 years. Paint looks great, only $25 each with quantity discount. Average is $20 shipping
  6. H

    Wanted micro frame

    Looking for two micro frames ,,,weldking,,, lscustons,,, Ect. Building two Christmas presents for my nephews
  7. My minibike frame

    My minibike frame

    my minibike mini bike cat
  8. My Cat

    My Cat

    my minibike mini bike cat
  9. My Cat

    My Cat

    my minibike mini bike cat
  10. 19honda69

    Bonanza MX Frame Badge

    Looking for a Bonanza rectangular frame badge. Buy or Trade. Please PM if you can help.
  11. D

    1970's Efenel new old stock frame assy

    Here's a 1970's new Efenel mini bike frame. Frame with forks and kickstand. Never used leftover stock at a dealership. Some others available. $225
  12. S

    Who has scratch built a frame?

    Im looking for any tips and ideas on building a classic style mini bike frame from scratch. I live in the uk so finding a classic frame is near enough im possible! I have access to my own manual conduit bender and welder, but i would love to hear from anyone who might of built there own frame...
  13. 6.5hp Shinebox

    Wondering what frame this is before buying
  14. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Gumba Frame on E-Bay

    Saw this posting for new frame. Anybody heard of them? Foot peg design (serves as kickstand!!!!) strikes me as an invitation for trouble. GUMBA Stretched Mini Bike Frame Only! Heavy Duty - TUBULAR STEEL WELDED | eBay
  15. Frame


    Found a 77 Honda XR 75 that had a full front triple tree.
  16. Baja from parts

    Baja from parts

    Bought an electric start motor to replace my other pull start clone. Didn't like the location of the switch so I updated the front bracing to accept the switch.
  17. Sprocket86

    Vintage NOS small frame finds!

    I had placed a wanted ad in my local classifieds for Tecumseh HS40 AND HS50 engines and this farmer replied to my ad with a bunch of never been started NOS Tecumseh engines. I MEAN A BUNCH!! He claimed he "thinks" he has a few of the ones I'm looking for but I really should come down and have...
  18. Eliminator

    Pretty sure it's a TACO 22 frame?

    Rescued this yesterday while picking up the front end for a Boonie bike.. A bit crusty but still very solid. Hard to read the numbers but believe it says 7P2180. Poking around I see they say it's a 1967 TACO 22 on a site that had serial numbers. Am I correct? Does that side stand look correct...
  19. Zooming993

    Does A Non OEM Frame Color Reduce Resale Value?

    I recently posted a thread in the Strictly US Vintage forum of my 1967 Taco 22. I haven't painted it yet mainly because I'm not sure what color to paint it. I am considering painting it the correct color but purple has never been my favorite color. My question has to do with resale value. If...
  20. K

    Funny thing I found after stripping a Baja Frame today

    Forum Mod: Please delete, I just realized this is a very dumb post :) I am on my LAST Baja build (so I told my wife), and I found this after stripping the frame today: Anyone ever see this? This is where the kick stand attaches. See the "HI" punched into it? Is it a message from the...