front forks

  1. Kartman01

    WANTED: Seeking Front Fork Assembly

    I'm looking for a front fork assembly that is similar to the one in the photos. Must have the threaded 'spring retainer' (for lack of a better term) design as shown in the attached photos. Does not have to be identical to the example shown (except for spring mount). Thanks a million for any help!
  2. T

    Help again! Fox Sundown Mini Bike Front Forks

    Hello- My son and I are working on getting an old Sundowner going, we posted before about the trans and have since gotten the bike to run! The next hurdle is the front forks. They are VERY loose, I suspect from degradation of maybe a bushing that should be inside the forks. It has probably...
  3. 20190406_195943.jpg


    Front forks tacked
  4. B

    Baja build from parts. Work in progress.

    I started on this project awhile ago and posted a couple pictures. Here are some updated photos. The biggest changes will be the creating of a battery box, installation of a real tank, new Speed Racer tire, relocation of the electric starter switch and new front forks to change the look and...
  5. D. Sebetka

    OldMiniBikes Baja Doodlebug project

    I am building a Baja doodlebug project and wanted to know if anyone has front forks for this minibike? I need one set of forks if anyone has a spare.
  6. doug

    Powell front suspension

    The brass bushings/lowers have a lot of play and not a secure bushing attachment. Has anyone found a good modification for a smoother sprung from?
  7. jellis

    Arctic Cat Ram Rod Forks Disassembly

    I was wondering if somebody could tell me how to remove the front suspension forks from the frame. ?? I know alot of people like pictures, so here is the bike. Its almost tore down.
  8. Hec In Omaha

    Want to add Inverted Forks to Azuza Mini Bike - Any Suggestions?

    Howdy All, I would like to add front suspension to my Azuza mini bike. I have attached a pic of my bike PW50 Forks and the Motovox Forks. I have been thinking about either using Yamaha PW50 forks or aMotovox 10334 Front Fork Assembly. I have read members posts and their success using the...
  9. A

    Front spring needed

    I am building an Arco 1970's mini bike from a frame, no other parts. I think I have everything except the spring under the center bolt of the front forks. About 2" long and fits over 5/8" bolt. Anybody know where I can get this part? Thanks, Doug
  10. The Uker of oz

    Fox Doodle Bug front fork help needed....

    I picked up what appears to be a Fox Doodle Bug frame. I'm doing detective work trying to figure out if the front end is original, and how it works (the suspension mainly). I think the P.O. Might have replaced/ modified the inner fork tube as they are what appears to be just 5/8" round stock...
  11. Rawtone

    "Trailtamer" front end

    Just finished the rehab and I have started making up some new sets of the Trailtamers. I also have the original bars that I will be making some new ones of also. The triple tree clearance is 5" between the flanges and the originals came with a 1" bushing if you bought them for a Taco or...
  12. hotroded

    front fork springs

    Does anybody have or know somebody that suppiles front fork springs 1" inside diameter and 6" long I have a alexander&reynolds Mini bike and just metal flaked the frame and would like nice springs to go with it. Or a good chrome shop with a fast turnaround. Thanks