1. ArcticMinibike

    Arctic Cat Fuel Tank and Cap

    Who lucked out and got this a few weeks ago? Check out the cap!
  2. Harquebus

    Repairing Fuel Pick-Up Tubes

    Briggs 4 HP 100232 series with Pulsa-jet adjustable carburetor with slide choke, part #297599. Trying to get the fuel pick up tubes sorted. The shorter plastic one has broken off where it screws into the bottom of the carb. I'm not too worried about it as I will eventually drive out the stub...
  3. ZR9B

    Fuel tank fill location

    Is there a tank that has the fill location on the right hand side instead of the center? The way it is now is a pain in the a?? to fill. I dont see any on ebay... any help would be great....thanks
  4. BWL

    Fuel starved?

    Fellas, I don't think I'm getting a strong enough pulse to power the fuel pump. I'm running the pulse fitting off the manifold after the carburetor. Since this is a marine application, I have a bulb on a true marine gas tank. Once I prime the carburetor bowl full of fuel, it will run for about a...
  5. P

    fuel pump questions

    For those of you who have experience with a pulse fuel pump, how high and far will one of these reliably pump fuel?
  6. Fat Tony157

    Running out of fuel with 15 degree mount

    What's going on guys. I need some suggestions to fix an issue I created for myself on my build-off bike. I'm running a predator 212 hemi and I had to use a 15 degree engine mount so the torque converter would clear the frame. I'm running the stock engine mounted tank. The problem now is most...
  7. G

    Pred 212 starts, idles but shuts off when fuel tab is moved from start to run. Help!!

    A little background... it's several years old and always ran like a champ I just let it sit for 6 months like an idiot. Life got in the way. So last week I drained the tank, removed the carb, cleaned it out, changed the oil, and put some "Mechanic in a bottle" in to the tank. After all of...
  8. Dr. Shop Teacher

    WTB--Gilson/Wards remote fuel tank

    Yes, I have another one underway. If anybody's got an oval Gilson tank in decent shape, PM me. thank you!
  9. thejoker

    Nos white super bronc fuel tank For sale

    $100 takes it. Can bring it to windber
  10. thejoker

    Nos white Tecumseh fuel tank For sale

    Nos white Tecumseh fuel tank with nos fuel gauge. $85 shipped. PayPal as gift or pay the fee.
  11. J

    wanted Keystone (TAS Motor) fuel pet-cock assembly

    I am in need of a fuel filter petcock assembly for a TAS 50cc 3 hp keystone (red and black). Northern Ontario
  12. cambo61

    Fox Sundowner Fuel tank. Later style. Great shape

    No pin holes or serious damage. Excellent tank. Steal at $85 + Fedex shipping. I prefer paypal. It has a tiny ding on the tank sidewall which is easily blended. Shown on the 2nd pic by the petcock on the pic. I'm trying to rake the light across the critical areas so you can see how good of...
  13. danford1

    Wanted: MTD Trail Flite Fuel tank.

    I have a MTD Trail Flite and need a fuel tank for it. Mine has messed up deformed threads for the gas cap and it leaks. Here is what the tank looks like. Danford1
  14. scootercat

    Fuel tank

    FUEL TANK....5" DIA. X 8" LONG .070 wall thickness,mild steel,Twist lock Finger grip Vented Cap,1/4" pipe outlet $120.00 Shipped USPS 3 Day PayPal
  15. 1stBxMopar

    Tecumseh Fuel Tank

    Tecumseh black plastic fuel tank, later style center fill, with mounting brackets.....$25. shipped... paypal only
  16. buckeye

    Mounting a fuel pump question.

    I have to add a fuel pump to my build and do not want to drill holes in the frame. What options are there for mounting a Walbro pump? Can they be mounted vertical vs horizontal? Or does that matter? Thanks in advance.
  17. Sprocket86

    Tec HS50 upper fuel tank bracket removal

    Going to be removing the upper fuel tank bracket from my HS50 engine. When doing so, do you reuse the steel spacers that go under the bracket for the head bolts? I would think you would remove them if not using the engine mounted fuel tank, but then would you need shorter head bolts? Thanks.
  18. Aircomet

    Pedator 212 Fuel Starvation

    I have 3 predator 212 engines all less than a year old. Riding around the property where I am never full throttle more than 30 seconds at a time they perform beautifully. However, when I drive them at my friends house where I can hold it full throttle for a longer time after about 45 seconds or...
  19. G

    The saga continues for a Bronc fuel tank

    Still looking for a super Bronc fuel tank. Let me know if you've got one collecting dust.
  20. G

    WTB Super Bronc Fuel Tank

    Title says it. Looking for a fuel tank for my super bronc resto. Anyone feel like making my christmas and selling me one...?