1. Raskin

    c & c guys go 420cc on a ct200uex

    I follow these guys, awsum stuff..vid of start of 420 pred on a ct200uex..looks like w be awsum..
  2. R

    I see what you guys mean by these things being addictive

    I wanted a "pit bike" for use at the dragstrip....and then it started... Grabbed a "homemade" old school walk through with a 3hp B&S engine 2 weeks ago, then a week and a half ago grabbed a mint Motovox MBX11 Platinum for a Predator swap, but am now 2nd guessing myself... Anyway, today...
  3. P

    Hey Guys new to site - I'm a Murray Man!

    Looking for Murray stock tires?:confused: Anyone have some they want to unload?
  4. P

    Hey Guys new to site - I'm a Murray Man!

    New to forums too, Anybody know where the tutorial is on how to use?:doah:
  5. SAS289

    What chain lube do you guys use?

    I was just out cleaning and lubing my chain and wondered what others use for lube. The last time I lubed it I used the end of a 15 year old can of Honda chain lube. Today I started on what's left of an old can of Maxim chain wax. These were from the days of doing it to the 520 dirt bike...
  6. danford1

    Windber, How much money does it cost you guys for the weekend?

    Lets talk about Windber and how much it costs for the weekend. I mean from when you leave home until you get home again. Gas, Food, camping/lodging, registration etc. For instance. I'm about 400 miles or 8 hours away. I just took a 223 mile trip today to pick up a minibike. I filled the van...
  7. J

    Anyone remember when Two Guys sold mini bikes?I

    I used to drool over the mini bikes when Two Guys sold them. I remember the Two Guys in Waterbury CT had 3 different models made by Alexander Reynolds. The least expensive was green, no suspension, Tech engine for around 139. The second was orange, Tech engine, for 149. And top of the line was...
  8. B

    Hey guys I just picked up this hs50

    Could anyone tell me the year and is that the correct shroud decal. Thanks.
  9. B

    Hey guys I'm new

    Hey guys, I created this so I can share my builds and enter the build competition in the just for fun class as well as meet other mini bike/ go kart enthusiasts who share one of my passions!! I'm currently in the beginning stages of building a drift yerf dog and would like to share pictures but...
  10. B

    What do you guys think??? Need opinion on color:)

    The Arco is coming along well but now I'm stuck! And Need some help:) what do you guys think about white for the fenders? Is it to much? I would like chrome but really not an option, or I can do them red like the frame or silver like the bars and fender bracket. 5hp Tecumseh will also be...
  11. N

    Hello there OldMiniBikes guys

    Hi folks, I'm Rob and I'm new to this OldMiniBikes forum. I've been a part of a lot of other communities like this, including Rat Rod Bikes, for many years. I wouldn't doubt a lot of the same faces are over here too. I'm an aircooled VW guy from way back, have always had one for... 32 years now...
  12. B

    Rupp guys I need your help!!!!

    First I like thank everyone for all the great help,what a great site this is! Does anyone know if I have these adjusters on correct? Can't seem to find a good pic to go off. Second question, I tried to put the male seat snaps on the seat pan today and my rivet gun has the correct size fitting...
  13. pomfish

    Any Bicycle guys here?

    Or Ladies? I couldn't help but buy this ladies Schwinn Collegiate today. It is just to much a survivor not to be loved. All the parts are proper Schwinn items including the tires which amazingly are holding air. Best I can tell by looking at some Schwinn sites it is a 1965, made 7/26/65...
  14. cheezy1

    Stolen from Ohio guys...LOL

    I am just gonna set this here....And many Thanks to the guys in Ohio for moving like molasses and allowing another Injun to go back to Michigan where it belongs. :laugh:
  15. M

    oil viscosity what are you guys running

    I'm curious to find out weight and brand personally I'm running 0-40 mobil1 on a heavily modified predator and it is beautiful inside of the motor, one would almost think it's a new motor but reality is its over two years old and gets beat down regularly by me and everyone I know thanks in...
  16. Bonanza Bryan

    I'm Back Guys

    Its been awhile since ive been on here. Payed my supporting membership and you should start to see me more often. I have a Bonanza Mx I have some big plans for so stay tuned for that. I also have a new job and im making very good money now so i have a little more cash to throw at the mini bike...
  17. BigJ

    Hey guys! New to the site! Check out my ride!

    Finally did some work on my DB30 recently! Here's how it turned out Had 6.5 Greyhound Engine Governor removed 18lb springs .003 Exhaust .002 Intake Custom exhaust UNI 2-stage air filter AGK 22mm Mikuni carb adapter with pulse fitting 22mm Carb 95 main jet Mikuni fuel pump Custom paint...
  18. WrenchDad

    Question for the reloading guys

    Hi guys I'm trying to reproduce Remington core lokt 150 gr 30-06. Is any one currently doing this and or have the reload data? Specifically my question is how many grains of IMR 4350 do I need with a PSP to match Remingtons spec's. I have seen many charts but cant find one that calls it out...
  19. myjunk

    OK guys I need a little help

    I am trying to make a Tecumseh engine removed from a snowblower fit a minibike. My problem is that it has a diaphragm intake, and I need to mount a float type carburetor as the gas is gravity feed. I have included a couple of pictures of the intake, does anyone have a flat intake that would...
  20. nds1968

    What is it guys?

    What do we have here guys and roughly the year? Thanks, Nate