1. H

    Predator 212 not starting after gx160 head

    So i just recently replaces the stock head with a gx160 head. I transferred everything over and now it wont start. It set valve lash to .003 on both intake and exaust. I also rejetted carb to .036 and a gx140 emilsion tube. It was running with carb adjustments before changing head. I have an...
  2. Davis

    Honda gx160 questions

    I'm installing a gx160 in a cat 400x and my questions are I bought a stage one kit from OldMiniBikes and I'm not sure about installing the advanced timing key as I've heard the gx160 was already advanced and dunno if I should use the 140 emulsion tube in it or stay stock and I am installing #18 valve...
  3. E

    Pz27 on stock gx160 ?

    Have some carb issues and am wondering if I can use a pz27 on my engine.if show what kind of setup is needed I'm planning on a 212 build since I have the 212 I like the pz27 so I can use it when the new engine is done
  4. trinik7597

    Gx160 short blocks

    Have 2 gx160 short blocks for sale .. one has flat top piston full gov. Delete stock rod and gx200 cam for added duration $75 plus shipping Number 2 is bone stock with a flat top pistons $55 plus shipping . Have a bunch more bare blocks , cranks , and heads if you are looking for something in...
  5. V

    Honda gx160

    Got this engine on a bonanza i picked up. Not the engine for the bike. The govner arm was disconected and moved out of the way but its still there. The engine runs. 40bucks Pickup nj.
  6. CaptNugget

    Honda gx160 carb questions

    So need a carb for my honda GX160 . Need this toy running by the 22nd, can't find one in stock in a store near me yet. Anyone know if a carb of a predator 212cc will fit? Or know where I can get one overnighted from? :doah::confused:
  7. 125ccCrazy

    Honda GX160

    Good running Honda gx160, needs to be cleaned up a little, gas tank has a few dents that could use a little body work to make it look new again...Runs good, no smoke.... $75
  8. Valocalrep

    GX160 build

    Ok so first of all i want to apologize to anyone for the stupid amount of questions ill end up asking during this process. This is the first engine i have broken all the way down and built back up. IF i can get it to start ill be very proud of myself. And i want to say thanks to jdblood202 for...
  9. samevansjr

    Doodlebug with Gx160 clone modified $950 Grand Blanc, MI

    Front & Rear 15x6x6 6 ply Tires Hydraulic Rear brake PMR Jackshaft with cover Noram Cheetah Racing Clutch #35 RLV X-treme High Performance Gold/Gold Chain Gearing 12t Clutch, 17t In, 13t Out & 65t Rear 7.1:1 ratio RVL split rear sprocket PMR engine plate Gx160 Clone Honda head ported Chrome...
  10. Full Throttle

    gx160 with 70mm piston

    Curious, can you put a predator flat top piston in a gx160 engine or is that too much to bore the gx160 out to ?
  11. M

    inter changable? GX160 vs 200

    i have a old 5.5 genuine Honda i got from a lawnmower place, traded for it with a $80 chain saw i got running from the dump. ive had it for a wile. i cleaned the carb and i got it running good. the one issue is the old pressure washer pump was stuck on the crank, he soon cut it and its about 1.2...
  12. CJdoodlebug90

    Help!!!!!!!1.3 rockers - 212cc -gx160 head!!!!!!!

    I bought a gx160 head and installed it on my 212cc. Now it has a lot of rocker noise...ive lashed valves like 3 times already(just past tdc). Should I go up on octane gas am I nit doing something right?
  13. 125ccCrazy

    Honda GX160, runs good

    Up for sale is a complete good running true Honda gx160 engine, needs cleaned up but runs good...never on a bike or gokart so it hasnt been beat.. $100 prefer local pick up but will ship for actual shipping costs.
  14. S

    honda gx160 build questions

    Alrighty guys. I figured id tell you the story/ plans and you can just jump in as i go with comments and things im missing! Thanks in advance I got a gx160 tonight with extremely low compression. Took it all apart and noticed slight scoring on the cylinder walls and piston skirts. So iv...
  15. doodlebug6.5

    Should I buy the gx160 head off OldMiniBikes or ebay?

    Its cheaper off ebay. Would the gx160 fit for the predator 212? The one of ebay comes with all valve train components . Thank
  16. trinik7597

    gx160 crank

    hey OldMiniBikes i am looking for a gx160 3/4 keyed shaft crank on the cheap for an up coming project :thumbsup: any help is greatly appreciated
  17. Full Throttle

    gx160 with flat top piston

    Just bought a Z4M flat top to go in my gx160 but trying to decide which billet rod to use. .010 over or .020 over or stock on the rod length ? Haven't put piston in yet with stock rod to see how deep in hole it is but was wondering if anyone else has already tried this and can add some light as...
  18. K

    Flow charts???? anyone

    hello everyone, I was wondering if anybody had any flow charts for a Honda gx160 cylinder head? either home ported or stock. I couldn't find anything, I need this for a cam grind reference
  19. brettdn

    Jet Size needed for a very mild GX160

    I recently installed OldMiniBikes's 8 inch header and angled air filter on my GX160, I already have a 140 emulsion tube and a .36 jet installed and the motor runs fine but the spark plug is really black and I am assuming it is running rich, this was both tested on a NGK BRP6ES and an Autolite AR3910X...
  20. I

    Honda gx160 idle adjustment?

    So I have a gx160 on my bike and just got the clutch and chain today so threw it on and the idle is too high as soon as I took the choke off it reved up and wanted to take off can't seem to find the idle adjustment on this carb