1. B

    Hey from Braden

    Hey guys! I've been on this website multiple times but just now decided to make an account. I figured it is time to connect with people who share the same love for mini bikes as I do, and maybe pick up some knowledge along the way. I have a Baja warrior. The year is unknown but I would...
  2. P

    Hey Guys new to site - I'm a Murray Man!

    Looking for Murray stock tires?:confused: Anyone have some they want to unload?
  3. P

    Hey Guys new to site - I'm a Murray Man!

    New to forums too, Anybody know where the tutorial is on how to use?:doah:

    Hey Jeep2003 what is this

    Your starting to scare me lol
  5. G

    Hey There From New Jersey

    I am a 60 something year old motorhead. Bought my first gokart in 1966 which i still own~one of many that i've owned in the last 50 years. I have been an air conditioning mechanic since 1969 and drg racing mopars since 1979. I've got 5 pretty wicked parking lot racers which i will post pictures...
  6. B

    Hey guys I just picked up this hs50

    Could anyone tell me the year and is that the correct shroud decal. Thanks.
  7. B

    Hey guys I'm new

    Hey guys, I created this so I can share my builds and enter the build competition in the just for fun class as well as meet other mini bike/ go kart enthusiasts who share one of my passions!! I'm currently in the beginning stages of building a drift yerf dog and would like to share pictures but...
  8. P

    Hey, Brent!

    Can you PM me, please? I have a question for you. Thank you, Sir!
  9. markus

    4.10 6" Good year "all weather" tires needed! Hey Canadians!!!

    Still on the hunt for a dream set of tires (yes I really love tires) Looking for a set of near perfect or NOS good year "all weather" tires in 6" for one of my projects. In the US you really didn't see them in use on mini bikes, I did find a catalog photo of a 1963 fox Campus sporting them...
  10. md2020

    Hey Everybody

    Hey all; Ever since I was 12 I wanted a mini-bike. I'm 31 now and found this beaut on the good 'ol craigslist. Looking forward to meeting folks on here and hoping to find some enthusiasts near me that might wanna cruise. 1969 Ruttman Toad.
  11. D

    Hey Fella's...some help with my Lil Indian's value from you ?

    Hey Fella's just wondering if you can give me a guesstimate of what my mini bike is worth. It's a Lil Indian with a 4hp briggs. Black with chrome fenders small frame/small wheel kit ( white wheels ) I bought it new in the late 90's. It was only rode one weekend when I bought new and...
  12. Sixpac440

    Hey Manchester, I love the Tom Thumbs on the calender ...

    What can you tell me about the motor on the Blue one?
  13. D

    hey all, .new guyb here

    hey, my name is Don, And I`m new here. I`m kinda excited about finding this site as I own a small engine repair busisness in Bremerton Washington. I`ve been gathering all the wrecks of (old mini`s) bikes I could get my hands on. fixin`em up ,and selling them off. it`s been a blast, seeing...
  14. J

    Hey Hent. Where Is My Ad?

    Even when I follow your rules, you still pull it down.
  15. T

    Hey from the middle of Kansas

    My names Josh, I've actually been a member on this site for a number of years, but up until recently had forgot that I had the account.. I grew up on a few vintage minibikes back in the late 90's/early 2000's. Started riding one on my own somewhere around 4 or 5 years old.. Still have the ones...
  16. Z

    Hey! New member.

    Hello guys, my name is zakaer. I'm a 13 year old kid from Eastern US. I was looking up on youtube random stuff one day, and I saw a $50 go-kart video, and that's what got me interested. I've done a lot of research and I plan on building a budget mini bike. Any tips? Thanks!
  17. redclayhd

    re: Hey redclayhd, It looks like it's been a while since you've last posted...

    Yes I'm still alive! Same crappy attitude! About 10 extra pounds and 2 or 3 more gray hairs! At least I'm still devilishly handsome. Grandkids are all still tricycle motors and younger except one so I have a little bit of time to be lazy about getting the small engine powered vehicles ready...
  18. S

    Hey everyone

    Hello people. Getting my daughter started in minibikes and picking this up today. Was looking for some help with an ID. I lnow its a Bonanza BC. Not sure which model. Owner says its a 70. Any telltale signs as to what to look for? Its got a 4 HP Techumseh engine. Any info greatly appreciated...

    Hey KB2ROCKET, It looks like it's been a while since you've last posted.

    Hey KB2ROCKET, It looks like it's been a while since you've last posted. Why not take a second and introduce yourself, ask a question or help answer someone elses! uhh ok ..... I got a really great deal on a old mini bike and the guy says its a Rupp because its painted red it has a old...
  20. BigJ

    Hey guys! New to the site! Check out my ride!

    Finally did some work on my DB30 recently! Here's how it turned out Had 6.5 Greyhound Engine Governor removed 18lb springs .003 Exhaust .002 Intake Custom exhaust UNI 2-stage air filter AGK 22mm Mikuni carb adapter with pulse fitting 22mm Carb 95 main jet Mikuni fuel pump Custom paint...