1. S

    Help with proper hub assembly

    I have a custom built motovox I been working on. I’m putting a custom rear swing arm on it with a 14” 850 lb dirt bike tire. Now I wanna run dirt bike wheels on it but I can’t seem to figure out exactly what hub I need to find to adapt the wheel to work with a disc brake and sprocket. Any help...
  2. 20190309_184526.jpg


    Rear axle hub fabrication
  3. 20190309_144246.jpg


    Front- & rearaxle hub parts
  4. Assembly rearaxle exploded view.jpg

    Assembly rearaxle exploded view.jpg

    Exploded view of the rearaxle/hub assembly
  5. Biffmini

    Wanted! Speedway sprocket hub

    I was able to find two hubs one for front disc & one for sprocket. Now I need one sprocket hub, to set up rear band brake. This is one of the final parts needed for my custom Trail Horse build. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  6. CarPlayLB

    Trailhorse wheels with axles, sprocket hub, brake hub

    I bought this pair of wheels to make a sporty looking bike, but the direction went different. The wheels are very solid, just dirty. No nicks cracks or breaks. These will clean up nice! the sprocket hub has a chip in it, but is a serviceable item. These are 6" wheels Comes with axles and...
  7. J

    gearing, sprockets and hub questions

    Ready to order sprockets for the jimmy gote. 13 hp, with jackshaft and torque converter. Be used for trail riding mostly, not really interested in high speed. If it does 35mph I'll be happy. Needs to be able to carry myself and a couple hundred pounds of elk. I was think of a starting gearing...
  8. Wheel hub

    Wheel hub

    Homemde wheel hub.
  9. Wheel hub

    Wheel hub

    Homemde wheel hub.
  10. Wheel hub

    Wheel hub

    Homemde wheel hub.
  11. Wheel hub

    Wheel hub

    Homemde wheel hub.
  12. Wheel hub

    Wheel hub

    Homemde wheel hub.
  13. Sixpac440

    Who sells a Hub for a Steel wheel ..

    I am interested in RHOX RXAL 18x8-8 All Terrain Golf Cart Tires and 8" White Steel Wheel Combo | Golf Cart Tire Supply Where can I find a hub for my Heald? It will use a 5/8" axel ...
  14. S

    Bonanza Mini Buggy need a rear hub, 5 lug.

    Any one know where icould find a rear hub 5lug 1" bore? Thanks
  15. Not so mini bike

    Sprocket adapter hub for 4" fox lemans rim.

    This one right here. And the sprocket. Let me know
  16. B

    Wanted: Mint TabLoc rear wheel with brake hub and drum. 5 Spoke STYLE

    Hello, I am looking for a TabLoc rear wheel with brake drum and hub. 5 spoke style. looking for one in really nice condition. Please PM me. Thx. Appreciate any help or leads as well. Thanks, Greg
  17. smwtnbndr

    WTB Scat Tracker trike HUB CAPS

    I am looking for a set of these hub caps for a Scat Tracker trike. Looks like they were chrome and I believe they clip onto the wheel nut?
  18. R

    Hub socket needed for 71 Rupp Bandit

    I need a rear wheel hub socket the part that the brake assemble fits into and the sprocket bolts onto for a 71 Rupp Bandit, no luck on parts sites so far Rick 508-517-3159 The Rupp part # is 17907 thanks
  19. Studeman68

    Need help with wheel hub for a sprocket-Douglas wheel alloy

    I need some help... I'm kinda stumped :out:... does anyone know of a wheel hub available that would fit the wheel below and allow me to mount a sprocket? I want to use this wheel as a rear on my Trail Horse but cant find any hub out there that would fit this wheel and allow a sprocket be mounted...
  20. j57little

    Rup 12" front - 28 spoke hub

    Looking for a Rupp 12-inch wheel hub and brake. I need the less common 28 spoke version. Thanks, Jack