1. Huffy


  2. Huffy


  3. capguncowboy

    1972 Rupp Hustler Frame

    Recently painted by previous owner, has some pitting in metal from rust damage, but it's solid. Handlebars and fork lowers have been painted silver $100 plus shipping from 37618
  4. topnotch

    Rupp Hustler/ scrambler brake drum

    I'm looking for a hustler/ scrambler five hole break drum.
  5. afcajun

    Help with H35 rebuild on my Huffy Hustler

    Hello everybody, I figured I'd move this question here where it belongs. See photos of my H35, I am missing some parts, I have no idea what the exact model numbers are because I am missing the engine shroud which kinda stinks cause I can't just look it up on tecumseh parts site. There are a few...
  6. Bob Gaudette

    RUPP Hustler Barn/Garage find

    So I'm on Craigslist and I see this ad for a 1971 Rupp Hustler. Pictures were not great and he was asking 1500 Which was crazy. So I give the guy a call and he tells me it's all original never been touched which I found hard to believe cause there were no Hustler decals on the tank. So I ask him...
  7. JesseWulf

    Rupp - Roadster, Scrambler, Hustler

    I am looking for a Very Good - Excellent Rupp MiniBike, Roadster, Scrambler, Hustler. I am after a 1970 or later bike with the motorcycle style engine plate. I would prefer 10" slotted wheels, but the 12" Spoked wheel bike would be acceptable if the wheels are in very good or better shape...
  8. afcajun

    Noob from LA w/ Huffy Hustler

    Hello all, just wanted to introduce myself, my name is James from South Louisiana. Just picked up a Huffy Hustler at a swap meet. Can't find much info at all about it. The guy said it was rare but now I'm thinking too rare to keep all original. Hopefully this forum can lead me in the right path...
  9. tbird

    Huffy Hustler Decal

    Does anyone know of anybody that may have repop decals for a Huffy Hustler? I have a #5 hustler that I will be restoring.
  10. ZR9B

    point part # please Rupp 4 HP

    Only asking because the set I have ,the condenser mount is not the same and it is smaller, the part # I have is kit # 730523. this is going on a Rupp Hustler 4 HP. Thanks
  11. Sixpac440

    Cat99 Drive Clutch wanted ...

    Working on a Huffy Hustler weighing my options. Thanks! Kevin
  12. jeep4me

    Huffy Hustler!

    Selling this Hustler..... cheap. Solid frame. Good project bike. $85..... No shipping, sorry PayPal, USPS money order or cash.
  13. Txpowdercoater

    73 rupp hustler

    I have a guy wanting to trade me one of these (73 rupp hustler). this is all I know, I dont know anything about its condition yet, waiting on photos. Anyways, I need a general idea of what a good one goes for so I can value it properly in the trade deal. Nope, I'm not going to sell it when I get...
  14. jeep4me

    Huffy Hustler Roller

    Selling a Huffy Hustler rolling frame. Has Manco wheels with decent tires. #41 sprocket mounted to rear wheel. Has original driven still mounted to jackshaft. Original kick stand. No cracks or rewelds that I have seen. Asking $220 PayPal or cash. No shipping, sorry.
  15. murrayeliminator

    Rupp Hustler Rim 1/2 needed

    I'm looking for 1/2 of the Wheel for a Rupp Hustler with 10" wheels. One side of mine has rusted through.. will also take both sides if you don't want to split them..LMK What you have and what you want for it.
  16. murrayeliminator

    Just finished this Rupp Hustler

    Bought this one awhile ago. and decided to get it cleaned up. I already have a Red roadster so went with the Green on this one. the Color is called Bright Surf Metallic from a 1996 VW I think it's pretty close to the original Rupp green. I tried the codes on blackwidow site but we couldn't find...
  17. P

    Need a rupp roadster or hustler engine plate

    I need a lower section or pictures so I can recreate a lower section of a rupp roadster or hustler motor plate. I have one that someone cut the angle plate and did a flat plate conversion. I want to reconstruct the plate and can fab it but need photos and dimensions or a bare frame. Ease let me...
  18. ZR9B

    Rupp hustler shocks

    Rear Rupp hustler shocks Do the Rupp hustler shocks come apart? The springs are rusty and I would like to take them down to repaint...thanks
  19. M

    Huffy Hustler Mini Bike Wanted

    Looking for a vintage Huffy Hustler mini bike in original or restored condition. Thank you.
  20. ZR9B

    rupp hustler tq ?

    Is the sprocket side nut left hand thread?? the thing is stuck but good!!! thanks