1. thejoker

    Montgomery wards VT525 for sale.

    $700 local pick up or can bring to windber. Needs a brake band and carb linkage. Runs and rides.
  2. R

    Montgomery Wards T777

    What are my chances of restoring this? My childhood minibike. Needs new engine and probably axels, brakes. Any info to get me started would be appreciated. Not even sure if suitable replacement parts can be found.
  3. T

    Hello from England... Here's my Montgomery Ward bike.

    Hello from England. I found this forum whilst searching for information on my bike, what a great place to find! I bought this Montgomery Ward AFH61 about 8 years ago and imported it to the Uk in the back of an old VW bus. It came partly dismantled in boxes so I put it back together...
  4. nds1968

    Gilson / Montgomery Wards Chain Guard - Clutch Cover

    Wanted a Chrome or painted... shoot me a PM. Thanks, Nate
  5. nds1968

    Montgomery Wards XE 525

    Missing a few parts.... I don't know what direction I'm gonna go with this one. If I can't locate the clutch/chain guard I'm thinking about running a Comet tav.
  6. Rhodyjoe

    WTB: Any Parts for Montgomery Ward 525 mini bike

    I'm looking for any parts for a Montgomery Ward 525. Thank you! - Joe
  7. Rhodyjoe

    Just got a Montgomery Ward 525...

    Found a Montgomery Ward 525, but need to drive a few hours or so to pick it up. Looks to be about 75% complete, def not original engine. I still need to do my homework on this model, but if there are any other owners out there with parts or general info on this model, please chime in. Thanks folks!
  8. jeep4me

    Montgomery Wards 323

    Just picked this nice old survivor up today. Montgomery Wards 323. Looks to be complete, shy of the correct exhaust/muffler.
  9. R

    Montgomery Ward Mini Bike (Survivor)

    Hello OldMiniBikes Members, I have recently purchased a vintage Montgomery Wards mini bike from Ebay and had shipped from Santa Cruz California. I would like to see if any members could give me some help with find out what items or parts or missing or incorrect on the mini bike. Also I'm not sure if...
  10. neo71665

    montgomery ward 242 sticker set

    It's supposed to read 424, my dyslexia kicked in typing the title and I didn't catch it before I hit enter. I've searched fleabay, done a few google searches, and quickly looked around here but is there a place where I can just get a sticker set for a montgomery ward 424? Was hoping I could...
  11. M

    Montgomery Ward T777 for sale

    Hey there, I'm very new to this....I apologize if I am doing this the wrong way. I have an old Montgomery Ward T777 for sale. I tried looking online for a place to try to find a buyer and found this website. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for trying to sell my "Monster Mini-bike"...
  12. gammatg

    Gilson/ Montgomery Wards/ AC parts

    Swingarm $25 Jackshaft slight groove as seen in picture, one thread on the smaller sprocket needs rethreaded. $18 Jackshaft mounts $12 Neck bolt with washer $8 3 grips some scuffs, throttle tube broken $55 (everything pictured) All prices include shipping.. I can send more detailed pics. Any...
  13. O

    Montgomery Ward

    Hello all , I have a mini bike that was purchased for me in the mid to late 70s from Montgomery Wards . I have held onto it all these years for centimintal reasons but it's time to go . I would like to get opinions on the value and the best place to sell , Garage sale ,EBay or a forum like this...
  14. capguncowboy

    Speaker Headlight (Gilson, Montgomery Ward, Arctic Cat)

    The rubber ring on this is perfect. The chrome is so-so, but has pitting here and there. The bulb isn't original but it's good $50 shipped, but I might be willing to make a trade.
  15. Txpete

    Montgomery wards clutch guard

    I'm in search of a Montgomery ward clutch gaurs. Or a gilson Thanks for any help. I know it's a rare find:smile: [url=''
  16. 1971 Gilson/MW 525

    1971 Gilson/MW 525

    Various photos of the completed project.
  17. 1971 Gilson/MW 525

    1971 Gilson/MW 525

    Various photos of the completed project.
  18. 1971 Gilson/MW 525

    1971 Gilson/MW 525

    Various photos of the completed project.
  19. 1971 Gilson/MW 525

    1971 Gilson/MW 525

    Various photos of the completed project.
  20. 1971 Gilson/MW 525

    1971 Gilson/MW 525

    Various photos of the completed project.