1. C

    Pack mule

    I don't personally own this bike but it's at a snowmobile shop I go to. He has it tucked away and told me he wants to fix it up one day and ride it around the swap meets to pick up parts. I have tried to get him to sell it but he won't budge. It's in the middle of the picture in the back of the...
  2. james ackerman

    Sportsman Pak mule for trade, may sell.

    Looking to trade for a central cycle supply bike. Any takers?
  3. Cap'n kanuckles

    Harrison wildcat

    Runs not original motor,has kickstand, brake drum assembly,frame solid. Fenders are nice,tires and wheels look original Looking for $soldATTACH=CONFIG]87339[/ATTACH]
  4. Iron Honky

    Ruttman pak mule bars

    Decent set of handlebars and clamps from a pak mule. Asking $30 plus shipping. 14" rise.
  5. joebiodiesel

    Drive X Pack Mule

    I picked up a Drive X Pack Mule today at the minibike show in Eden, NC. Like others before me, I thought it was a Tote Gote, but I don't care that it isn't. The drive belt doesn't look close to correct. It should be much wider, no? Anyone know what size, or how I figure it out? Know where...
  6. Studeman68

    Tote Gote or Pack Mule foot pegs and misc parts

    Looking for foot pegs for a Tote Gote or Pack Mule or similar type bike, at least 2, will take even 1 if you have, also looking for shafts, pulleys, etc from one of these type bikes. I have a Sidekick I'm beginning to work on and anything would be appreciated. Also, I would like to thank...
  7. Old_iron

    Pack Mule roller

    This one has the fold down forks (2 bolts), and the extending rear frame for more storage. $200 Shipping UPS - You can check rates from Spokane WA. I can weigh it if you need. Fastenal - I've used them before for large and heavy shipments and I was happy. Last time I paid $125 for about...
  8. mrpat

    Ruttman Pak Mule vs Harrison Wildcat

    This has been a topic of discussion recently and I have put together some differences between the two. This is only a partial list, please feel free to comment and add. Thanks! Pat
  9. ruttman pak mule harrison wildcat comparison

    ruttman pak mule harrison wildcat comparison

    some differences between ruttman pak mule and harrison wildcat mini bike
  10. Iron Honky

    Pak mule parts wanted

    I am looking for a rear rim and sprocket, pegs, and possibly a set of goodyear 15x6x6 tires. Thanks
  11. G

    Pac mule... Need info on restoring it

    I bought this at an auction the other day, thought it was a Tote Goat, was told this is a Pac Mule. all the jack shaft is gone, a poorly welded on belt pulley replaced what was ever on the rear wheel. somehow i need to find out what parts will make this work and if they are available. I have an...
  12. K

    Pack mule roller F/S

    Pack mule almost complete bike I have a 3hp B&S motor for it it's the right type tank in front updraft carb 3/4" shaft but it's the wrong vintage looks like it would run. The bike is a complete roller barn find sat in the storeroom of a rock quarry for 20 years or more? tire's are good I don't...
  13. oldsledz

    Ruttman Pac Mule brake band

    I need a new brake band for my Pac Mule it is the small one on the jack shaft the drum is about 2 1/2 inches where can I get one?
  14. K

    new Pack mule help

    Pickup a Pack Mule over the weekend Its missing the motor and clutch old guy I got it from told me the quit running years ago so he took it off and though it away so I need to come up with a clutch it has a sliding motor mount the so it need's fixed driving clutch/pulley the belt is about 3/4"...
  15. Fatboy04

    Out there for someone to add to their collection ( Vintage Mini Mule Mini Bike)

    southwest MN >for sale >motorcycles/scooters - by owner reply x prohibited[?] Posted: a month ago ◀ prev ▲ next ▶ Vintage Mini Mule Mini Bike - $200 (Tracy MN) Not sure how you guys post your adds but this will work
  16. J

    Tote Goat Pack Mule

    Here an original one for the Tote Goat Pack Mule fans. 60s Tote Gote Drive X Packmule
  17. sportsman pak mule

    sportsman pak mule

  18. sportsman pak mule

    sportsman pak mule

  19. sportsman pak mule

    sportsman pak mule

  20. sportsman pak mule

    sportsman pak mule