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    Changing wires on switch
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    Changing wires on switch
  3. buckeye

    Cat 400x On-Off Toggle Switch

    OK, dumb question. Any ol toggle switch work? Need to replace mine. I have been looking and there are 16,000 choices. I am not good at choices.:laugh:
  4. T

    Need Decal or picture For AC -Gilson ON-OFF

    Can any of you that own a Gilson or Allis Chalmers could post a picture and measurements of ON - OFF decal on front of it. Need to have one reproduced as it's not in AC kit that atc70decals makes. Or if any one has a decal available.:laugh: Thanks Jeff
  5. K

    Cat on-off switch plate

    Does anybody make/have a flat on-off switch plate for a Cat 250X? This is just a flat plate of bent aluminum,conforming to the top of the frame in front of the seat.Marked on-off.A couple of people have told me they had one,but the pictures they sent shows a long,flat,square edge panel.I can...