1. Gadget Man

    Doodle Bug Build Pics. Before and After

    Greetings I have not posted any build photos of my Doodle Bug project until now. Today was the first day it was off my workbench and on the ground. It rode fine, until the chain fell off. I don't think I had the engine plate tightened enough. This started out as a frame I purchased off...
  2. Sixpac440

    American Ninja Warrior in my town today! Sorta ... PICS!

    The local town of Rockford today is hosting "Rockford Ninja Warrior" and they flew in a bunch of the TV ninjas! Event info here ... Rockford Ninja Warrior - Rockford, Michigan July 17 - 18, 2015 They have several courses for kids and the main one for the adults to run. The Pros will run 2...
  3. Sixpac440

    Attn: Owners of 21 x 12 x 8 tires, I need your help .... 2 exmaple pics ....

    Can you please take a measurement and let me know your wheel width where the bead sits and verify the diameter of the tire? My wheel when measured from the center like this ... Comes out to about 4" .... x2 = approx 8" wide wheel. What is the width and I wonder if this is the stock...
  4. YOOP

    random pics

    One of my favorite threads on another forum I'm on is "random photos". just cool pics of lots of different things.Thought I'd try and get one going here. not really "WTF" just random pics Random photos (In memory of Sulley)
  5. Sixpac440

    Went for an unplanned ride .. 2 pics ...

    Our bud Mike got a new Puma last night so Tom and I rode our minis over to his house to say hi ... its 85 and humid so we thought there would be a crowd there in his pool. Nope, just him, wife was gone ... So we cruised the neighborhood for a couple hours ... Here is a Map of our...
  6. Sixpac440

    After 45 years it was time to change the points! With pics!

    I picked up a 1970-ish Hilltopper with the original Tec H50, it hadn't ran in a "few" years. I got a $20 Chinese carb for it but it would still "dance" against the governor. Tom suspected it was the points. So I got a couple NOS points sets and condensers. I pulled the flywheel, it looked...
  7. Peekster

    Looking for some pics of a Fox Thunderbolt 150

    I need some pics of a fox thunderbolt 150 Need some pics of the fenders mostly. Thanks
  8. Sixpac440

    Mini Bike Tattoo ... now in Color! 6 pics and a video ....

    I had this mini bike tattoo engraved in me 5-3-15 and wrote about it in another thread ... but the pics are gone as well as the pics in my gallery ... So I will re-post the outline with shading .... then the color ... then a short video. I wanted it cartoonish and fun ...
  9. O

    How many minibikes do you have?

    I have 15 right now. I get paid tomorrow and Im supposed to be picking up a few more in the next couple days. I would post pics of them all next to each other but I keep them in 2 different locations. :scooter:
  10. 2SlickNick

    MTD MudBug score

    Saw this on CL for $200 and could not pass it up. Has an 8hp Tecumseh and body in good shape. Has original stickers on it too. I will post more pics and info later. Mud Bug trike - YouTube
  11. I

    taco lower fork springs

    2 taco lower leg springs. used patina shape ... i can send pics to a cell if necessary i am too lazy to upload pics. so pm me your cell number if you want pics. or bug me.. for them :thumbsup: just the springs 40 shipped ....... let me know if you are interested and i can work with you if you...
  12. chipper

    Db 30 clutches

    I have a few 16mm factory DB 30 clutches that appear to be in normal working condition ( recently acquired 4 DB'S ) no pics but will text pic if needed , everyone knows what they look like , $30 each shipped ! Thanks
  13. J

    new to the community

    hello everyone im very new to the minibike world. i just bougth my first minibike frame.i,am thinking it,s a bonanza bc 1000/1200?? frame looks good an had front an back rims that dont match :laugh: anyway just wanted to say hi too all.and an sure i will be needing a lil help from all. i...
  14. freezerburn

    4" tires on stock wheels 1971 z50 Honda Mini Trail?

    Hello folks, I believe they came with 3.5" but I kinda like the look of the 4" 'ers. Will they work and not rub anywhere like forks to bottom of fender or chain line/frame? I'll be posting up some pics when I get home of the bike. The stock 50cc is being replaces with a 125 high compression...
  15. J

    amf harley x90

    I'm thinking of selling off my harley x90's I have I have two of them. First one runs and rides good second one has compression I have it tore apart to start blasting, painting and restoring. I have a bunch of extra parts seat pan, brand new ignition and lighting coils, primary coil, extra wire...
  16. pro tc

    Rupp Rascal restore

    So here are some pics of the bike when i got it a couple weeks ago. Took it apart last weekend. Tonight i blasted and powder coated the frame super grape 2 and the wheel rings argent silver. The super grape is almost a perfect match to org rupp purple. ill add more pic's as i go along. Barry
  17. slywilliez

    KOL step through

    Up for sale is a kol step through. The frame is in great shape with oem kol tag. This include the original mickey wheels and sprocket. Pics will be posted soon. Price 500 obo.
  18. 2SlickNick

    DB 30 rim & Animal Cam

    For sale :you pay shipping: -DB 30 front wheel good condition no bearings - $20 - Stock animal cam ( can be used in Briggs Intek 5.5hp - 6.5hp ) -$20 Will post pics later or can do via text too. PM me if interested.