1. 1

    Briggs & Stratton Exaust Pipe/Muffler

    Does anyone make a decent looking exaust pipe/muffler for a vintage Briggs & Stratton engine to use on a mini bike ?
  2. j57little

    Sears Roper Exhaust Pipe/Muffler

    Looking for a pipe as seen in either of these images. Needs to be NOS or restorable to new condition.
  3. patrick2260

    Looking for a decent and proper pipe/muffler for my Tec HS40

    Hi guys. I wish I could post pics of my Bonanza Chopper restore but I'm unable to delete any of my pics to free up space unless I become a supporting member. I'm looking for a correct muffler/pipe for my HS40. I heard David Wulf makes nice pipes and mufflers. I did PM him and waiting for a...
  4. creia

    Tecumseh 5HP exhaust pipe/muffler

    I am looking for an OEM exhaust pipe and muffler for a 1977 Tec flathead. It is a "S" shape pipe that goes up and over the rear air filter and terminates in a round muffler. Maybe someone more computer-literate than me can post a photo of it if they know what I am talking about. Thanks for any...