1. Mac

    Cat Black Plastic Gastank Damaged Only

    ...I need a damaged Cat gastank similar to this one below: ....I don't need the cap. Looking at the possibility of building aluminum tanks, so I just need a sample tank.
  2. F

    Painting the plastic fenders ?

    Any one try painting the new stsyle plastic fenders m with the new paint designed for plastic items ? Did it come out ok ? Flyier
  3. Mac

    Plastic Clutch Cover (Unknown)

    ...I have a few of these plastic clutch covers. I saw an ad in an old magazine that said it was sold through a company starting with the name Sam. ...I haven't been able to figure out just which engine it was designed to fit, so I just make a mounting bracket to fit whatever I put one...
  4. mmisterbungl

    Getting paint off a Plastic Fuel Tank

    Sorry, I haven't paid much attention to the painting plastic tanks threads so much, but have seen them floating around. Never seen anyone pose the question in the opposite sense though. I have a plastic fuel tank that someone must have tried to paint at one time and stopped:confused: or...
  5. mmisterbungl

    Random Plastic Gas Tanks - Sears, briggs, tec

    Briggs Tank - brand new (long rectangular) came off a 3.5 IC engine. $25 shipped Tecumseh "L" tank with mounting bracket - brand new. Came off a 5.5 OHV Enduro. $25 shipped Sears Puddlejumper tank - slight issue with this one. The goober who had it before me tried to fix a TINY leak (at...
  6. PatrickCraik

    WTB: Tecumseh White Plastic Tank

    For an HS50 on a shorty Ruttman.Thanks
  7. 8

    Wanted scat tracker plastic

    I'm looking for the fiberglass molding that goes to the seat for my scat tracker.
  8. zeeman

    Tecumseh black plastic gas tanks

    Power Sport tank 15 Other Tecumseh tank 30 or trade for metal Tecumseh tank, preferably white. All prices do not include shipping. Thanks. More parts to come.
  9. KustomKartKid

    WTB CAT Plastic Gas Tank

    need a plastic gas tank from a CAT Muskin as pictured : top $$$ paid or have some CAT parts or other goodies to trade....might even pull my nice original Tecumseh brand Kick Starter :drool: off the wall for the right deal..... PM me with what you got!!! Thanks :thumbsup:
  10. creia

    Need Tecumseh HS50 plastic fuel tank

    Looking for a BLACK plastic tank in good shape. Dimensions: 6.5" long X 4.5" wide X 4" high Needs to have 2 threaded mounting holes on top @ 4 5/8" center-to-center, and 2 threaded mounting holes on the bottom @ 3 5/8" center- to- center. I can get one on Evilbay:no:, however I wanted to try...
  11. K

    plastic gas tanks

    My vintage tecumseh came with a dingy looking plastic gastank. Should I bother painting the thing? Or just leave it alone. Thanks.
  12. SmallEngine H.P

    Plastic Camshaft On My Briggs And Stratton 3.5 H.P

    Well, awhile ago in December (before Christmas) i bought this 3.5 H.P engine from tractor supply, and when i went to open up the crankcase and WTF? a plastic camshaft? c'mon you gotta be joking right? like you can't modify it or anything like in ChargerMiles007's video YouTube - ‪Modified...
  13. bayareaburrito

    Black Side Fill Plastic Tecusmeh Tank

    ITEM # 22 Black Plastic Side Fill Tecumseh Fuel Tank... Comes with everything in the pictures.. Very clean inside a few minor surface scratches.. Original Red Gas Cap ! Freshly cleaned and painted mounting brackets and new bolts.. $45.00 + shipping
  14. loampey

    Plastic cam?

    Do the newer tec hssk's Have a plastic or steel cam. Second question. Do plastic cams hold up well under hipo applications?
  15. mmisterbungl

    Painting a plastic gas tank?

    Wise, not so wise? What kind of prep should be done, assuming lots of gas is probably embedded in the plastic? What KIND of paint is best to use? I'm sure that some paint, if not all would run immediately upon contact with gas. Any thoughts, opinions, no no's, pros cons?
  16. loampey

    Replacing plastic cam in newer briggs 3.5

    where can I find a steel cam to replace the plastic cam in my newer 3.5 and will older 3.5 vertical engine cams work in a horizontal?
  17. jackson521

    help with a plastic tank

    I purchased a set of decals recently. i cleaned the surface with alcohol. I let it set for about two hours ,to be sure the alcohol was gone. I put them on my plastic gas tank. after about two months the decal has bubbled on both sides. I pulled them off and they smell like gas. on the...
  18. markus

    plastic fenders for Italjet mini

    LOOOONGSHOT for these but never hurts to ask:thumbsup: Looking for a set of fenders for this bike: I've got everything except them and the correct throttle assy. These are plastic on this version, this is the next size up bike from the mini mini, skinny 10" wheeled. I currently...
  19. J

    Compartment plastic cases

    I've got 3 of the large,and 2 of the small.Nice for the small parts your always trying to find in a big box that are rolling around on the bottom.Been there,done that.These are NEW! $20 shipped via ups regards,Joel
  20. N

    4qt G-Man plastic gas tank

    I have a 4qt Plastic G-man gas tank, that I was going to use on a go kart project, It didnt work out, and I have no use for the tank now. It is in great shape, only had a little gas in it during testing, it has never been mounted to a kart.... Im looking to get around 25 shipped for it, as its...