1. M

    chain tensioner plastic

    so i need to make a chainguide for my bike. im wondering if anyone knows where i can buy one of those chain rollers with bearings that will work with a #35 chain. also i wanted to make a chainguide and i was wondering what kind of plastic is used for that stuff. i was thinking of getting a...
  2. Motra

    Tecumseh Gas Tank - Red Plastic

    Nice vintage red plastic gas tank from a small frame Tecumseh engine. Comes with shut-off valve and mounting brackets. $20.00 shipped.
  3. Knuckledragger

    Plastic emulsion tube questions

    I've been having a lean problem on my 6 HP Powersport. I'm thinking the end of the plastic emulsion tube that protrudes into the throat of the carb is closed off. Is this supposed to be open? I'm thinking it is. How else would it draw fuel from the bowl? If it is supposed to be open, any...
  4. minimotor

    Painting a Plastic Tank

    Any tips on painting the plastic tank on a Tecumseh? Black tank, want to paint it white to match the rest of the engine.
  5. machinebike

    5.5 plastic clutch cover

    on a baja warrior, will it help the centr clutch remain cooler if left off?
  6. 8

    Plastic vs metal cam gears

    So i just saw a 6.5 with a plastic cam gear for the first time. I didnt even know they were made like that. So i was wondering if the metal cam is better for valvetrain work. Mainly stronger springs. People always say that stronger springs will wear down your cam. Well are they assuming you have...
  7. ratfink396

    Wanted: Lil Indian Plastic Gas Tank

    Looking for the plastic gas tank as used on early 70's Lil Indinan BearCat & HellCat models; I think it may have also been used on on some big tire trail bikes of another brand also...Please PM me ... THANKS!
  8. M

    Plastic piece on top of (stock) carb has been filed down

    Hey Everyone, I bought a doodlebug that was returned (for a discount) and I noticed that whoever had it altered something. The black plastic piece on the top of the carb that turns when you twist the throttle is suppose to have a little plastic "stop" on it. If you twist it to full throttle...
  9. C

    Crack in Plastic Gas Tank

    I have an old Manco Tank for my Thunderbird. It is in good condition but in has a small hairline crack around one of the mounting holes. In the picture, it's at the bottom of the hole. It about 3/4" long and goes to the hole. I am not sure if it goes into the hole or not. What would be a...
  10. JustEnough

    Plastic Welding Kit

    Has anyone tried one of these Harbor Freight Plastic Welding Kits? - Harbor Freight Tools - Quality Tools at the Lowest Prices I am interested in how durable and clean looking the crack repairs can be made. They say it can be used for "breaking down paint". Does that mean it can be...
  11. Mac

    CAT plastic Gastank

    I have a used HPE Muskin (CAT) plastic gastank. Posting it here before I offer it up on eBay. $60.00 shipped. .
  12. scottneidert

    Painted a plastic gas tank, Help

    I have a 9 HP Tecumseh with the plastic gas tank mounted on the front. It is all black right now, but I want to paint it white because it is going on a Super Bronc. Do I need to get a special paint so it will stick to the plastic gas tank with out chipping off?:confused: Thanks.
  13. G

    Plastic tank Leaching?

    I had painted a black plastic Tecumseh tank white and about three weeks after it was filled with gas it started to bubble in spots as if the fumes came through the sides. :doah: Anyone seen that before? :censure: