1. relicracing

    Power Products Model 1000 $175

    Spins, no carb. Will trade for Bonanza BC1300Hs parts or Fox rear disc brake setup for a Condor. Thanks. Motor/Me are in Southern NJ.
  2. james ackerman

    Terra products model 1100/pony bike 444 parts.

    I have an almost complete bike that is in pieces that I bought for just the motor, is there any Interest on here for any parts from this bike. If so I will get them posted up in the parts section with photo and price, just not wanting to list all the parts and take all the photos if there's no...
  3. james ackerman

    Power products h-58 engine, with motor mount.

    Recoil, doesn't catch starter cup, I assume that it needs new paws on the recoil. Did run before recoil stopped grabbing. Cw rotation at the crank. $175 plus shipping.
  4. Sixpac440

    Kimball Products tag on a Heald VT-10

    I've never seen one ... cool! Heald Super Bronc VT10 Mini Bike Trail Bike. Produced by Ron Kimball RARE | eBay
  5. james ackerman

    Wtb power products ah58 exhaust header!!

    Looking for a header or really any type of exhaust that will vit my application. What's out there?
  6. A

    Slat Kitty suitcase, micro power products suitcase

    I've seen pictures of a suitcase for the Slat Kitty but that's all. Doe anyone know if they actually existed or know anything about them? Also I have a Micropower Products folding suitcase mini bike that needs restored and I'd like to find a suitcase for it. Our friend Marcus sent me some...
  7. Tom S.

    Trailmaster by S.M.S. Products

    Longtime OMBer Steven Durham took a fall recently. He broke his shoulder and now he's going to be in rehab for awhile. Because of this, Steve decided to get rid of the Trailmaster mini that he bought shortly before he was injured. He offered it to me and I picked it up yesterday. Thanks, Steve...
  8. P

    clinton or power products?

    so I have an old 1959 dual engine kart (trackmaster) which was built for 2 engines, I have 2 good Clinton 500's (look just like the 490 but newer I think) and I have 2 power product AH47, all 4 are good, but wondering which ones are better? better I mean running idling and performace? thanks
  9. markus

    katcart stuffer intake for Power products AH engines??

    I picked up a couple of NOS Homelite 4 pedal reed cages that I will be putting fiber reeds on along with one I already have thats going in a Westbend 700 with a cloned go power stuffer. Since I will have some spare assemblies I was thinking about using one for an AH61 I have. Kat cart has their...
  10. M

    Looking for any information on a forester products mini bike

    Hi, I'm new on this site and just bought a Forester Products Mini Bike and that starts and runs great. Hi and Low gears apparently to move Game (deer) for the forest. I can't seem to find any thing on the web about it or literature on it. Any help would be much appreciated...
  11. Not so mini bike

    Power products h-82 info

    Anyone know any thing about these. The guy that has it is a big Briggs collector. He showed me the first Briggs model made. It was pristine. It had this nice round head with swirled fins. He said this was a old racing engine. Anything wold help. Thinking of purchasing.
  12. R

    Power products 2 cycle engine

    For Sale is a early model POWER PRODUCTS 2 Cycle 2.5-4Hp Engine Model 3-16 Engine serial # 154981w75 Very Clean -All parts included Very Good compression Shaft is 9/16th's - keyed - 2.250 inches long Tillotson Carb Exhaust header Needs some TLC Local Pickup or Will ship Cant get pics to...
  13. KustomKartKid

    9/16" Clutch Shoe Assemble 2 Stroke Power Products Westbend ?

    A few years ago I was going to build a Power Products engine for my Rupp Dart cycle I bought this NOS 9/16" clutch assembly from Power Products guru Hank Rotoff...or he told me where to buy it I forget which. I ended up building a Lauson 4 cycle for it. Anyway it is sometimes hard to find the...
  14. smwtnbndr

    Sensation Mike Bike resto mod

    Got this bike about a month ago. Frame was not very good. I decided to do some modifications. Fabbed the brake back to stock. I took about 3" out of the heigth of the frame. Made the frame fit the 1962 Tecumseh Power Products Super 58. The seat is temporary, having a new stock version made.
  15. R

    Vintage power products ( tecumseh ) 2 cycle engine m-1000

    Up For Sale is a Nice Clean 2 Cycle 1950'S M-1000 Power products (Tecumseh) 2 Cycle engine Great compression and spark-Engine will run but it needs some TLC 9/16 diameter keyed shaft -2 1/4" long Original Tillostson carb Original header Would be a great power source for a small/medium Mini Bike...
  16. T

    Apple products and posting pictures

    I have Apple products and seem to be having a problem posting pictures . I'm not sure if it's the Apple products or the user . I have some great pictures and would love to get them up on your site .
  17. rollin2

    power products 2 strokes

    Anybody have any info on these numbers.98223. P238. A guy has 2 of these on craigslist.Any info would help.
  18. JohnnyTillotson

    Recoil and carb for AH47

    Looking for recoil and a decent carb for this Power Products AH47
  19. S

    Power Products

    Power Products? What Model?
  20. Scottessey

    Power Products AH-58 Air Cleaner, NOS

    Hey Fellas, I have an NOS Power Products air cleaner for sale. $100 plus shipping. Thanks. :thumbsup: Exactly like the one on my Dart...