1. P

    fuel pump questions

    For those of you who have experience with a pulse fuel pump, how high and far will one of these reliably pump fuel?
  2. buckeye

    Mounting a fuel pump question.

    I have to add a fuel pump to my build and do not want to drill holes in the frame. What options are there for mounting a Walbro pump? Can they be mounted vertical vs horizontal? Or does that matter? Thanks in advance.
  3. Taco Loco Joe

    Briggs motor off a water pump Doable ?

    I can get a Homelite water pump with a Briggs 3 Horse on it but is the Shaft notched for a key way ? If not what are my options? I got a machinist at work. Thanks and this motor is NOS!
  4. xBrent92

    Fuel flow problems with Mikuni pump. a/f ratio is Never balanced.

    i was going to post in tech section but i think all engines and tanks are different. Parts: gx390 carburetor and 35lph mikuni fuel pump. 1/4"inch "T" fitting and line. So i've been working on my engine for many months trying to pinpoint why the engine either wont start...
  5. N

    Tecumseh 10 HP Carb and Fuel Pump

    Fuel Pump works, carb is for parts. Motor ran good, linkage was messed up and the thottle got twisted around bending the plate. Was painted white/red/black at some point. The butterfly throttle plate was bent, so I took it off. $17 shipped. I will have more 10 Hp parts since I am parting...
  6. C

    Build Predator Hemi 212cc Higher Compression On Pump Gas

    I am building a another Hemi engine and this time would like to add a little more compression. I want to still run pump gas (91 octane). Its for my Original Doodlebug. Here is my setup..... ARC flywheel Black mamba Jr cam 26lb springs gx140 emulsion tube w/Jets Intake Under Seat...
  7. D

    12v for Oil Pump on Turbo Lifan Project

    Trying to finish up my turbo Lifan project. Does anyone have any tips on getting 12v from the stock flywheel to power the oil pump? I read I need a genuine GX160 Honda flywheel to accomplish this. Is this true? Any tips would be great!
  8. Twid

    Fuel pump?

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of running a fuel pump?
  9. gumpit

    Fuel pump mounting/position

    Walbro Fuel Pump | Go Kart | Mini Bike Does it matter how this is mounted? Does it have to stand up or can it lay flat? Can it be at an angle? Should it be below the tank or above? How much venting does the fuel cap need to compensate so there is no vacuum?
  10. doodlebug6.5

    I have the 14cc head stock piston, Is pump gas okay?

    I believe it would be 10.5.1 compression would it be okay to run pump gas? Can I run 89 or what should I RUN? Thanks
  11. johnatthebox

    Smog pump supercharger for predator?!?

    Whats the deal with making a supercharger for small engines out of a automotive smog pump? Saw some on youtube(search: roots supercharger mini bike) and Im tryin to find some details. Anyone done this before?
  12. IJG

    This line setup ok?

    stuff to add .. fuel line,fuel pump, top plate assembly for both throttle and fuel pump Question... Can I place a T in between the new fuel line of the stock breather hole in the valve cover & new line & a catch can ?
  13. B

    mikuni fuel pump on a briggs and stratton 3.5HP?

    hey everyone.. has anyone put a pluse fuel pump on a briggs and stratton 3.5 hp? what location would be best to install into the motor at? could i just use the breather assembly some one with this pump or go ahead and tap into the case somewhere? and if i do what location would be a good...
  14. CarPlayLB

    Fuel pump with Hs50 carb?

    I am planning on using an Hs50 carb on my Briggs 5HP. I have done the billet upgrades. Due to the fact that nothing I build is easy or conventional, I will need a pump to get fuel to the carb. I am using a Walbro pulse pump. Will the needle and seat have sufficient ability to handle the...
  15. markus

    Fuel pump with Dellorto?

    I want to run a Dellorto UA19s on my next build (HS50), I sort of want to keep the steel engine mounted tank on the front of the engine though, problem with that though is the dell is going to sit higher than the bottom of the tank. So I either have to run a pump, make an intake that comes...
  16. Fuel Pump

    Fuel Pump

    This is the fuel pump finally mounted along with the fuel filter suspended below it.
  17. briggs666

    metal mikuni mic fuel pump

    mikuni fuel pump $25.00 plus shipping out of CA .. money order preferred... might except paypal have to go through my buddie..... click on pics to make them bigger!!!!!!!
  18. superflea

    Dredge pump

    As you know, I live on a lake and we are plagued by Eurasion Milfoil and a lot of plant sediment from over the years. There is a guy going around offering to dredge the plants and sediment using a pump and hoses on a pontoon boat. Turns out he just pumps from the shallow areas and discharges...
  19. Bruceo

    fuel pump and pulse

    can someone tell me how this all works? i see lines coming out the valve covers and crankcase on some motors and they seem to go to a fuel pump and intake manifold. anyone have a diagram of this?
  20. M

    Wtb walbro fuel pump

    Looking for a walbro square style fuel pump. Not really sure what a used one is worth. I guess I'd pay up to $15 for one plus shipping. Thanks