Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

  1. Oldscool

    doodle bug clutch and chain questions

    Do i need a #35 clutch.? Stock rear sprocket is good. I'm not sure about the sizing on chains , sprockets and clutches. Thanks
  2. Rubberduck79

    A couple Super Bronc questions

    Has anyone tried this brake setup? They say it's fits the 40/41 chain sprocket also does anyone know a decent front brake setup I could use for the front? I know they had the original brake on the clutch but I'm not a fan of a chain between my rear brakes and the ground. Also does anyone have...
  3. V

    Bonanza questions

    Just picked up a bonanza to restore what type of handle grips are supposed to be on it and can you get the year from the serial number. The foot pegs also need to be cut off. engines already off it too. is it supposed to have kidney beans or go powers.
  4. D

    Monster Moto MMB80 with 212 Predator upgrade (I've got a bunch of questions)

    Hi All, I'm very new here as I'm not really involved much with mini bikes but I've found this site pretty helpful so far. My kids have a MMB80 that we just swapped out the stock engine for a Predator 212. The basic job went pretty smooth and the bike is up and running but I have a few...
  5. gumpit

    Trailhorse questions

    O.k. I posted this and offered to pick it up if anyone was interested... But since nobody jumped on it. I went and got it for myself. For less than posted obviously. Now the questions... Mag wheel on back and a steel on the front. Should it have a mag on the front or did it come with the mix...
  6. J

    HELP! Tote Gote questions

    I just got a tote gote 600 and have questions about restoring it! I have been looking everywhere for what kind of belt it used because it didn't have one when I got it. PLS HELP! first bike. also need help with repair the fork. One side has a lot of play and doesn't "spring" back, how ever the...
  7. Davis

    Heald VT-1 questions

    I just got this heald VT-1 seems to be prity solid two speed is all there and intact I'm thinking the 5hp briggs 1970 is the original motor my question is is this bike worth restoring or put a predator in it and go? And I'm assuming a clutch cover for this is nonexistent any input would help thanks.
  8. CaptNugget

    Honda gx160 carb questions

    So need a carb for my honda GX160 . Need this toy running by the 22nd, can't find one in stock in a store near me yet. Anyone know if a carb of a predator 212cc will fit? Or know where I can get one overnighted from? :doah::confused:
  9. james ackerman

    Harrison wildcat questions.

    I have what I believe to be a 69 Harrison wildcat. What is the correct clutch cover for this year. I've seen two styles of covers on photos I've seen of this bike. Also were they painted or chrome. And finally were the fenders painted or chrome. also were they originally built with a...
  10. J

    Whirlwind MB-4 questions

    Not sure if a Whirlwind is considered US Vintage, so I hope this is in the right section of the forum... Got ahold of a Whirlwind with the Tecumseh H40. Oxidized red paint with faded decals but most of the parts seem to be there. Got it running over the weekend and took a quick ride, but...
  11. J

    H40 Questions

    Got ahold of a Whirlwind with the Tecumseh H40. A couple questions: 1. It has an oil leak from the gov shaft. Yes, the shaft has some play, but I'm thinking maybe the breather isn't working right and the pressure is blowing oil out the governor shaft hole. All suggested...
  12. FirePowerMinis

    HS50 questions

    A couple: Are there any steel sleeved blocks? Neither of mine are. If not, is it worth sleeving one? I can do them so cost is low. Are the bearing type covers that much better? I have one, not sure I'll use it. Has any one put needle bearings in a stock block? Either turning crank...
  13. M

    Baja Warrior Kill Switch and Brake Lever Questions

    Just purchased a baja warrior and it needs a new brake lever. Will any standard brake lever work (from a bicycle) or should I get a certain one? Also, I'm trying to wire the kill switch (you currently need to manually ground it to shut it off), but I'm not sure where to connect the circle...
  14. james ackerman

    Calling all experts!!!! Grimeca brake plate and hub questions.

    Ok I'm doing a restoration on a bike and I am trying to refinish all the parts. I'm stuck on my brake plates and hubs. They look about identical to rupp but they are only 20 spoke hubs so I can't just buy those shiny new ones I find online. I'm down to refinishing them but not sure how to...
  15. B

    Got my first Heald today! Couple questions for the pros out there

    Picked this up today. I am very happy! Not the original engine in it but I have the original with it I think. Can anyone help me with the following? It says "Trail Bronc" on it. What is if any difference between the Trail and the Super Bronc? What should be the original engine? Any chance...
  16. B

    Newby to the site. I have a Heald, couple quick questions

    I have just purchased a Heald. Runs and drives and is all there except the clutch cover which I understand is hard to come by. It says Trail bronc on it. It has 21-10-8 tires and not stock engine but I have the stock one. It's either an 8 or 10 Tecumseh I believe. Quick questions. What if...
  17. capguncowboy

    Just picked up a nice Survivor Trailhorse frame, now I have questions

    I just picked this up tonight. I had to squeeze it in last minute before I took off for Windber. ID Plate says it's a GTO 100. It has the original kickstand (I think it's original). Seat appears to be original as well. What wheels would this have had? Steel? What engine? It's missing one of...
  18. FOMOGO

    Chain questions

    I need to buy some #35 chain. I have read everything I can find and it seems the RLV Gold on Gold is the best chain to buy. I am looking for opinions on this chain. Any reason not to use the Gold on Gold? I have heard good and bad about master links. Should I run a master link or should I use a...
  19. D

    Torque converter questions

    New to forum, hello just got a 1971 trail flute 400 MTD,it has a torque converter, it has a 3l8 wide V belt that seems way to thin for pulley or driver, would any one know what with belt to use, 5/8 or 3/4.also regular or the ones with the grooves?
  20. RobertC

    MTS-30 Build....questions

    Hello Y'all, I am working to put together the MTS-30 trike I bought for my children. I bought the trike without motor, or TC driver. My plan is to have it ready for Windber. Here's what a new one looked like (top photo in the ad below) : I have some questions about the drive train on...