1. D

    1970s Style Taco Custom Built Mini Bike with ARC Racing Engine

    Up for sale is a near mint condition custom Taco 22 mini bike I will regret selling. Some things have come up and I need the money more than I want the bike. Here is the breakdown about what you get: 1970s Style Taco Custom Built Mini Bike with ARC Racing Engine! Extended Front Forks and...
  2. ReapersRide

    110 Racing fuel?

    So I was wondering if there is any benefits to using 110 Racing Fuel in either. 1. A stock Briggs 5 HP Engine? Or 2. A 5 HP Briggs Racing Engine (aka The Raptor). Or is it like using premium fuel in cars a waste of money? Reaper
  3. D

    ARC Racing Engine for trade

    Hey everyone I'm just throwing the feelers out there to see what kind of interest I receive. I'm getting to the point where I don't want to go faster anymore :( and I wanted to see who would be interested in a trade of engines. My fear of speed is your gain. I have what started life as a...
  4. 20160515_204725


  5. bikebudy

    Riding Mower Racing, any help

    That's Right ! Rider Mower Racing. Mod Class, Has to look like a riding Mower. 18HP Opposed Briggs is the plan Extended wheel base from 44" to 56-58" Slammed chassis about 2 1/2" off the ground Still a work in progress, Steering wheel is not where it will be when done...
  6. D

    Drag Racing??? Is It Dead?

    Hey guys, Im Devan (DragATX) New to the site. So I have been away from mini bikes since about 2010. (didnt bring my bike to to Texas when I moved here) So I have been really wanting to get back into mini bike drag racing, And grow it in popularity here in the area, But it...
  7. 45t

    Cub Scout Cubmobile racing

    A few of you know already that my son and I are also involved in Cub Scouts. This past weekend my son Logan raced in is final Cubmobile races. He is in fifth grade now and will be aging out of Cub Scouts and cannot race after this year. We have had as much fun building and racing Cubmobile as we...
  8. R

    Complete nos raptor 2 racing engine

    So Tempting Brand New Briggs and Stratton Raptor 2 1998 Go Kart Racing | eBay
  9. R

    Wide Kart Racing Kart with Briggs Raptor

    Pretty Clean Racing Kart Coyote Wide Track w Briggs Raptor Methanol Engine Mint | eBay
  10. B

    Joe's Minibike Reunion Podcast # 5 w F&B Racing and Evil Ed on Windber Reunion '16!

    Joe's Minibike Reunion Podcast ‪#‎EP05‬ F&B Racing. Joe Sebergandio talks to minibike building brothers Frank and Brian Franquez of F&B Racing about the early days and their current line of performance products and custom minibikes
  11. yalipito

    What clutch for drag racing Briggs WF engine?

    What clutches are you guys using when drag racing these engines? Currently I'm using a tav2 and I don't seem to reach the power band for the engine even after a few tricks to the tav. I can do 330ft at 50mph/7300rpm and only 60/7950 rpm in the 660ft.
  12. gammatg

    Is this really a Briggs racing motor?

    I just picked up a Rupp Hustler with the wrong motor. The one that is on it is a Briggs and Stratton 5hp. There are stickers indicating that it's a race motor. We're these stickers added or is it? Thanks in advance.
  13. PacMule

    Minibike Dirt Racing in MI. ???

    Is there any dirt racing with minis in the MI. area? Anybody doing private property grudges on minis? Chrome Wreckers were doing this in taylor area,but it fizzled out. I know of 4 racers with bikes that are still interested. So post it or pm me,just want to do what I haven't done in some...
  14. R

    Rock Racing mdb detail photos

    Ready for the first pass.........
  15. R

    Rock Racing mini drag assembly and initial start up

    TBob frame, 25hp clone.....pleased so far...
  16. motomonster212cc

    el Tigre seat. tecumseh 3.5 slant manifold, scrambler front racing plate.

    looking to buy an El Tigre (bird industries) seat, and a tecumseh 3.5hp slanted intake manifold and a rupp scrambler front "racing" plate. thanks and let me know, Lyle
  17. Carb to frame clearance issue

    Carb to frame clearance issue

    Tillotson intake and carb, 6.5 briggs
  18. Custom Barstool Racer

    Custom Barstool Racer

    Big Chicken with built in cup holder
  19. Racing Barstool with 6.5 Briggs and TAV

    Racing Barstool with 6.5 Briggs and TAV

    Barstool racer drive train details
  20. Big Chicken Barstool

    Big Chicken Barstool

    Barstool Racer with wheelie bar