1. huertagg

    Ok bonanza rims: Trade for a cat rear assy

    I need a complete CAT rear assy (drum brake, rim, stars, hub, sprocket) Does not have to be awesome, just good enough for a weekend rider. This is what I have to barter with:
  2. 125ccCrazy

    Wanted:10" pocket bike rear wheel

    looking for a rear wheel like this one..tire doesn't matter.
  3. EricDett

    Looking for Go Power rear wheel (or front)

    I'm looking for a 6" Go Power rear wheel to replace one that is cracked. Thanks
  4. Not so mini bike

    Cat rear wheel

    Do both halves slide off the center shaft. The one on the sprocket slide is free both not the outer half.
  5. MTopp

    CAT rear wheel

    Hi all, I have a CAT rear drum brake style wheel and sprocket for sale. It also has bearings in the wheel already. I would like to get what I bought it for which was $75.00 shipped to the lower 48 United States. Payment through paypal. Pictures: Thank you, Matt T.
  6. MTopp

    CAT rear wheel question

    Hi, recently bought this rear wheel off a member here, supposed to be a CAT one. I need it for my 250x, but my sprocket is supposed to be flat, not sunk in like the one sent with the wheel. Are there spacers I should run with this wheel to use a flat sprocket? Is this the correct wheel? Is it...
  7. Biffmini

    Trail horse rear wheel w/sprocket hub

    I'm rounding up parts for another trail horse build. I'll be needing wheels, swing arm, brake drum & band bracket. Rear wheel w/ sprocket hub is highest on my list...
  8. Tiki_Todd

    Rupp 10" rear wheel

    Im looking for a 10" rupp rear wheel, shipping to 17401 york pa Thanks todd
  9. smudvapor

    Side Kick Rear Tire

    Does anyone know where I might find a replacement tire for a Sidekick? It has a 5-8 Two Ply Tractor tire on it.
  10. Turbofiat124

    Manco Thunderbird (better rear brake)

    I think I have made enough posts, I can finally get to the gest of it and ask some questions about my Manco Thunderbird. When I got it, the throttle mechanism was messed up. It's got this weird setup where the throttle is tied to the governor instead of directly to the throttle plate. As with...
  11. nds1968

    Boonie Rear Wheel

    Boonie rear wheel, no tire. It's rusty and has pitting. $20 plus shipping, Paypal add fees Thanks, Nate
  12. P

    MB200 Baja rear axle size

    Id like to replace the rear axle with a higher quality bolt , someone has rethreaded the end of my axle 9/16 on one end and metric on the other . Looking for the axle diameter , I know its roughly 13.5" long . Thanks PH
  13. R

    Doodlebug Rear Wheel - Straight Frame

    Looking for a straight rear wheel for the db30 straight frame. I think the wheels are different between the 2 models. Mine has a severe wobble to it. Anyone have one they are selling?
  14. D

    Wanted NOS 60T Bonanza Rear Sprockt

    I am looking for an NOS 60T, #35 chain, rear sprocket to fit a go power wheel. OldMiniBikes is out of them and doesn't know when they will be back in stock. If no one has an NOS one will consider a very good used one. Please let me know. Thanks
  15. R

    Anyone have a rear rim and the stock chain guards?

    Hi all. Just picked up a db30 straight frame and the rear wheel has quite a bit of wobble to it. It's also missing the chain guards too which seem impossible to locate for the older model. Anyone have anything laying around??
  16. C

    Wanted DB30 rear rim!!

    I need a DB30 rear rim. I'm building a high performance DB30 and will use the rear rim on the front to have a front brake system. Right now the rims are on back order till Nov. I want to ride before then. text 479-719-1902 thanks Clint
  17. J

    Baja MB 200 Rear Sprocket Question? Upgrade?

    I have the MB200 and installed a tc2 converter definitely a good choice problem I'm having is I purchased a standard universal 60 tooth sprocket and it would not lined up for me on the hub? Any recommendations on which sprocket to get and where?
  18. P

    bonanza rear shock struts (inside part)

    need just the inside strut, had my covers replated, and I see OldMiniBikes has springs
  19. C

    Whats the smallest rear sprocket?

    I have a 53 Split ring. Wondering if anyone makes anything smaller?
  20. K

    Trail horse mini bike rear sprocket hub

    So I just acquired another trail horse but this one has 3 spoke 2 peice aluminum wheels on it. My other has steel wheels. So I got a clutch brake since I had no way to add a brake drum on the other side. Got it all together and now when it's rolling the chain goes from loose to tight I think...