1. A

    Monster moto 80cc wont run for long

    Hey all, I don’t know if this forum is still active but I have a monster moto 80cc minibike and it has been in storage in the garage over the winter and now, after I drained and replaced the gas and oil it only starts for a couple seconds then the engine stops. When I turn the throttle within...

    Welding repair

    I had to share this mess..... So a friend asked me if I could repair a fence gate hinge for a friend of hers and I nonchalantly said sure..... Well I was a little taken aback when I got the hinge plate. The upper hinge pin had come "unglued" because it wasn't welded... I cleaned it up and you...
  3. FloridaMiniBikes

    Tecumseh H50 for Parts, Repair or Restore

    Tecumseh H50 65540V {E} 5088R Crank is rounded? Bought a go kart years ago with this on it, doubt if it was original. Go kart long gone. Took off head to inspect the cylinder, (OK) but that was 20 years ago, Shed has since eaten the head, like a sock in the dryer. Great for parts or...
  4. creia

    Super Bronc speedometer repair

    Has anyone ever had to have a minibike speedometer repaired/recalibrated? Our 1974 VT-8 OEM speedometer works, however, it is way off on MPH. At about 30-35 mph it reads 55 mph. Michael
  5. V

    where to get 7/8 tubing for new frames and repair.

    where are you guys getting 7/8 .083 wall tubing from. no one local to me has it.
  6. Sixpac440

    Suggestions on how to repair this seat ...

    Super Bronc Seat ... The cover is worn in a couple spots but is good shape otherwise. The wood will be replaced so the cover is coming off. Can anything be done to shore it up?
  7. K

    Fuel Tank Repair video

    You guys are amazing. You pushed the wheelie bar video up over 1,000 views! I can't thank you enough. Anyways, we have another video up that a few of you may be interested in. Rather then just buy a new tank, we wanted to show that with a little work, you can save that old tank. We realize a...
  8. L

    Replacement front end

    Hey y'all. Does anyone know if the front end made by AZUSA fits on a DB 30S and if so without modifying? Unless I just overlooked it I couldn't find a factory front end replacement for the DB. Thanks.
  9. weldkingoc

    WANTED: people in need of pro welding fab and repair work in trade for parts

    I am a metal fabricator and welder of 20 years, i am offering my service in exchange for minibikes, go carts, minibike or go cart parts etc etc. i can make hard to find parts to complete a project, duplicate parts, repair damaged wheels and frames etc. let me know what you need done and what you...
  10. Old enough

    Briggs repair?

    Hi guys Are there any truly interested small engine repair shops that can restore a vintage 5hp Briggs anymore. I am finding in my area that they want to just disguard the vintage Briggs for a $100 predator or suchlike and have more weed eaters and mowers than they can handle and are just not...
  11. j57little

    Tank Repair

    I have a Roper tank with no dents. It looks good, but the cap has been off for many years and the cap flange is rusted. Inside is probably rusty too. Any thoughts on a repair process are appreciated. I have another tank for a Roadster 2 that has some fork creases, but is other wise in...
  12. turftech 1

    Before You Buy a Habor Freight Bench Vise

    Hi all, I know most of you, like me, have to watch your wallets. Hopefully, this review will help at least one of you save $69, or help one of you fix it the way I did. Notice the two separate item numbers for the same tool! Happy...
  13. G

    tri scat frame repair

    I traded a small Manco go cart for this a few months ago. The frame was extended 8" but whoever did it I'm guessing didn't really care how it looked :doah:. I didn't like it so here we go.:hammer: I cut out the crap and bent a new piece of Dom pipe and slugged it. I left it 3" longer than...
  14. Ajf

    Old Bonanza seat cover or pieces of one to repair mine

    If anyone has an old bonanza bc1100 1200 1300 seat cover they're not using I'm looking for some pieces of vinyl from an original seat to repair mine. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  15. markus

    Bonanza vented fuel cap repair revisited

    couple of years ago I had made a vented guage gas cap similar to the original ones Bonanza used on the fiberglass tanks. This style cap is NLA, other styles that come close can be found but not with a vent you can close usually. The idea to modify the one I had came from the fact that the...
  16. Agombie

    THey say it is a Vintage Rupp. What is it?

    Craigslist find. Pictures are small. Does it look beyond repair. They are asking $75
  17. JohnnyTillotson

    Never know what you'll find at your local lawn mower repair

    Chatting up an old guy at his repair shop buying fuel line yesterday. He's closing down He says. Told him im restoring approximately 53 minis n karts and he said i could look around. On the top shelf of a parts bin tucked away i found this Chrysler Power Bee 580. He's like oh yeah i used to...
  18. markus

    McCulloch ID help

    I went to pick up a 1970 HS40 tecumseh parts engine I spotted on craigslist today and when I got there and was talking to the guy He told me he found his old Mac off his kart too and offered it to me. He thought it was a "101"? Said it had been many years though since he used it. Its rough but...
  19. J

    Kick Starter Parts

    I'm currently looking for any Tecumseh and Hegar kick starter parts. I have one of each in need of repair, and I wanted to see if anyone has any parts lying around for them....