1. J

    Reproduction Tech HS throttle assebly

    3 assemblies available. $40.00 each, shipped via USPS priority mail. Postal money order only please. Regards, Joe51
  2. JimmyC

    Lil Indian reproduction?

    My son picked this up and was wondering if it's a reproduction. He asked me to post to get some information on it. The fenders are plastic. Any information is appreciated. Thanks JimmyC
  3. P

    Reproduction Speedway forks

    Reproduction 1970 and 1971 Speedway forks. Exact in every way! Stamped metal just like the original ones. I have them in bare metal, flash chromed or show chrome. Don't try to fix your twisted, rusted broken original ones... i have them with or without the headlight/number plate ears. I only...
  4. 1stBxMopar

    Reproduction Feedback Wanted

    I managed to find another original Cheeftah clutch cover. Of the few different Cheeftah covers that were manufactured, this one is the hardest to find and the most sought after. I'm thinking about reproducing these and have contacted a foundry and hopefully in the next couple weeks will have an...
  5. slywilliez

    WTB: reproduction Bonanza 67 68 badge

    I am looking for a really nice reproduction of the bonanza 67/ 68 badge. They are only 2" instead of the never 2.25" badge. Let me know if you have something. Thanks
  6. B

    CAT Eliminator clutch cover brackets. Exact Reproduction. With Stainless Steel screwa

    $30.00 for the pair includes shipping to lower 48 states. Exact reproduction of the Cat Eliminator 1 hole and 2 hole brackets. Sure can be used for other Cat models as well. They are a very correct repro. Tapped and comes with 3 Stainless Steel screws not show in photo. These are as good as it...
  7. roadsterman

    14x6 reproduction trial tires

    Hi, I am looking to buy 2 Coker reproduction 14x6 trial tires. I know these are hard to come by but sure hope someone can help me out! Thanks all.
  8. M

    Lil Indian reproduction ?

    Hey guys does any make lil Indian reproduction frames or do you guys know of any kits with the same small frames ?
  9. Ajf

    Reproduction rupp chainguards 1970,1971 and up

    #17660 1971-74 CHAIN GUARD #15284 CHAIN GUARD 1970 So nice to have people like Jim Kise making and having reproduction parts made. These rupp chain guards especially the 1970 one are so hard to find in good shape. Now you can get a perfect reproduction already chrome plated.
  10. R

    Taco tamer Reproduction Fork

    Taco tamer Fork Reproduction very well built Steen’s Taco Style Reproduction Trail Tamer Mini Bike Forks Unfinished | eBay
  11. countstevula

    New reproduction Boonie Bike Clutch Cover with decal and standoff

    Not going to use this one in my lifetime either. It's new, never mounted. Has the decal installed and has the stand off for mounting it. See pictures, you will not be disappointed. Asking $140 shipped
  12. minibikin'

    Reproduction Sears Clutch-Chain Guard Now Available!!!
  13. Jamie1972

    @@Top 5 reproduction Minibike parts list@@

    I'd like to make a Poll of everyone's top 5-10... "Non-Existent, hard as Hell to find" Minibike parts.... That either are not being produced no more or takes a Blood hound to track em down...:doah::laugh: Any manufacture, Any model.......What's your list!?
  14. ReapersRide

    Fox Suspension Spring Boots Reproduction

    I will not be attempting to reproduce any dust boots for the Fox spoked wheel mini cycles. Tooling cost for the mold alone is too costly for me to absorb. Then on top of the tooling there is a minimum of 300 units for the primary order to be filled. I doubt there are 150 Fox mini cycle in the...
  15. MB165

    Reproduction Tecumseh point cover gaskets for sale

    For sale, reproduction tecumseh breaker point cover gaskets. Heavy, high temp electrical grade fibroid paper. Two hole sizes available, specify when ordering. $5 each, shipped usps to US addresses from Balt. Md.. Paypal, bitcoin, cash, checks , money orders accepted.
  16. Jamie1972

    Arctic Cat Chrome Fenders

    Near mint front,rear Arctic cat fenders. Great for restoration. Probably reproduction? Not sure. 30.00+8.00 shipping.
  17. markus

    Go Kart cycle reproduction seat

    Reproduction of the Go kart cycle seat was replicated from an original seat, right down to the placement of the stitching. the only thing not really exact is it does not have horse hair stuffing. It does however have good foam and for being a small thin seat its got some cushion still. Oxblood...
  18. S

    for sale new reproduction Taco 22

    Are you tired of Looking for old Tacos got you down ? Tired of repairing those beat up frames with the suicide pegs the ape hangers and the bird poop welds?????.Trying to find those serial numbers? ...Tired of looking for rims and Briggs 3 hp parts ....Well this is it its for you ... a NEW Taco...
  19. bikebudy

    reproduction fiberglass clutch guards for rupp

    Posted By: Chip Time Posted: 2013-11-18 Location: Terryville, CT Email: Phone: 860-965-2379 New reproduction fiberglass clutch guards for rupp mini bikes. $30 ea. Thanks -------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  20. D

    Arctic Cat Screamer Exhaust - Reproduction

    I am considering reproducing the Arctic Cat Sreamer exhaust pipe. I know this won't be a high volume seller, but would like to guage interest before starting the project. Please let me know if there is any interest.