1. J

    reversing clone motors

    A friend and I were noticing the Honda/clone motors have the cylinder facing the wrong way. If it pointed out the front of the bike it be so much more room, better cooling,etc. A couple ways to do this. One is have a cam made, change timing and the motor would run "backwards" so you could turn...
  2. cumminsbayou

    help my engines reversing

    i just got a cam i think its 245 lift or something bigger then stock i know. i put it in my 5hp briggs lined the dots up and its sucking in air in the exhaust and pushing it out of the carb. whats causing this and how can i fix it the dots on the cam and crank are lined up perfectly
  3. butch63

    reversing clutch

    new b wants to know what's up with reversing the clutch on the engine output shaft?:shrug: