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    Mounting tire on rim
  2. drenchedgremlin

    How do you guys get old tires off while not damaging the rim?

    I am taking apart an old cat wheel, i am trying to get the tire off but idk how to separate the tire without sticking something between the tire and rim and prying it which i dont really want to do. So what is your method of going about this?
  3. Sunset5523

    Wanted mini bike rear complete split rim 5"

    Like this but with tire and tube doesn't need to have sprocket. Thanks.:scooter:
  4. R

    CT70 rim rings?

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has tried or knows if the 10" CT70 rim rings will work to replace Rupp or Speedway 10"?
  5. P

    rear tire to fit doodle bug/ can anybody recommend SHORT tire to fit OEM rim ?

    I bought first mini bike. to bad it is chinese but whatever. I will take fenders and put lower profile old school tires. What can you guys and gals recommend ? THANK YOU
  6. T

    Wanted: straight DB30 rear rim and disk

    I may need two so let me know what you have and how much you want for each
  7. E

    Bonanza front rim spacers???

    Hey, I replaced the wheel bearings up front and I'm 95% sure there were only the two spacers, the axel, and nut. Is there a third or am I crazy? I can post pics if needed. Also, how tight should the nut be when all is said and done? Should the spacers remain in place and only the bearing spin...

    For Sale Carlisle 4.10 x 3.50 x 4 N.O.S Tire and Tube and Rim Lil Indian Ruttman.etc.

    Selling my 4 inch Mint N.O.S never used Carlisle Double Indian Head Knobby Tread Tire,Tube and Wheel assembly.This Assembly can be used on many small vintage Minibikes.Tire was used on Early Lil Indian and Ruttman Minibikes among other's and is Correct for a Vintage resto.. Asking $60.00...
  9. B

    Rim ID needed

    Anyone know what these 4" rims are? thanks
  10. Not so mini bike

    Sprocket adapter hub for 4" fox lemans rim.

    This one right here. And the sprocket. Let me know
  11. vinny b

    I'm back! lol Rim Question

    I haven't built a think since 2011. I'm feeling the bug again. In 2011 I was buying these rims with tires on them for under $50. Does anyone know of a inexpensive place to buy a 6" rim to fit a fat tire? I'm going to take my time on this build and make it my "one" nice...
  12. V

    wtb doodle bug rear rim

    wtb doodlebug rear rim with disk brake. not a drum brake rim.
  13. P

    Speedway rim

    I am looking for a 1973 Speedway Motocross front rim, size 16 made by Sun. The same rim was also used on 1973 Speedway Enduro. I am sure it was also used on many other bikes. Any help would be appreciated. I have 16 rear, 17 and 18 front all NOS that I would be willing to trade.
  14. james ackerman

    Correct fox trailbug rear rim and sprocket?

    I'm so confused on the correct rear wheel for a fox trail bug. I've seen multiple kinds that are stated to be correct. Could someone post a picture of the correct rear wheel assembly and sprocket please.
  15. L

    Rear doodle bug rim wanted

    Looking for complete rear rim, brake disc, with rear axle and spacers.. Please post or pm me thank you
  16. B

    Wtb rear rim and hub

    I need a rear 6" wheel an hub for my trail horse. Thanks.
  17. IJG

    8inch front rim & tire info......

    Gm OldMiniBikes ' I need to know what 8' rim & tire i can utilize that is at least as wide as the 6 inch stock 145/70-6. & it needs to fit into the Motovox mbx11 front shock ? anyone have this answer or photo to show me ? im saying , does this...
  18. weldkingoc

    Powell steel front rim half

    Steel side of powell challenger front wheel $10 plus shipping PM me for email and i can send pics tomorrow
  19. V

    What kind of rim is this

    What kind of rim is this. it was on the rear of my css charger but it's supposed to have mancos. It looks like a Manco with Windows in it.
  20. Iron Honky

    4" rear bird/sears tire and rim

    4" rim/sprocket and used original goodyear tire. Asking $30 plus shipping