1. Np02

    Help identify??

    About 2 years ago I bought a mini bike to mess around with and had zero knowledge about them going in. I bought a "Ruttman mini-bike" on the higher priced side as I wanted something in better condition and wouldn't require much maintenance. I've recently have been wanting to give it an upgrade...
  2. Lineup


  3. Taco Loco Joe

    Ruttman Wheel?

    I sold my Kart yesterday and the buyer said he had some mini bike wheels and tires I could have. They turned out to be 2 Carlisle Double Indian heads, a 6" Go Power and what looks like a Ruttman 6" 5 spoke Wheel. I'm wondering if the Astro wheel sprocket would work. Thanks Joe
  4. flpmurphy

    Ruttman seat

    Need a good used seat for a wild goose
  5. flpmurphy

    Ruttman find what model

    Found this on facebook for 50 bucks. I had a ruttman washer bit i dont know the model of this one.
  6. deesel

    Ruttman Grasshopper

    Ruttman Grasshopper for sale. $450 obo
  7. gumpit


    Not sure of the exact year or model. But picked it up today. I am going to try and get it as a backup rider for Windber but if I can't or don't like the way it rides Karl gets first shot. Any ideas?
  8. danford1

    Ruttman Wild Goose info request

    I recently bought a Ruttman Wild Goose 250. I was doing some research and found some brochure pictures. I did some screen prints from the computer on them. They have conflicting info. Could the discrepancy's be from different years? The differences is in Wheel and Tire size and gearing (Along...
  9. danford1

    Ruttman ?

    I picked this up at a Flea Market. The seller said is was a Ruttman. He also said he named it a Pink Cadillac because it has a Cadillac hood ornament on the front fender and the color of course. What model is it? I have the flip up footpegs, carb and gas tank also. Danford1
  10. diggers

    Ruttman Grasshopper
  11. R

    Spontaneous purchase ruttman grasshopper???

    Hello all! I'm ttying to find parts for this and quite possibly a Lil Indian. I'm guys can tell me exactly what I have so I know how to reference what I'm looking for. So far I'm thinking it's a ruttman grasshopper? Ugly? I'll try to post pictures Thanks in advance not sure how to...
  12. rustINpeace

    Seat, came off a Ruttman

    I am not sure if it is original to the Ruttman it came on, but it is nice just the same. No rips, not faded. Might be covered in genuine Naugahyde, so that means a Nauga was killed to make it - PETA members aren't really the minibike type, so most likely they will be none the wiser to this...
  13. M

    1971 ruttman spyder

    restored ruttman. every thing new. call mark for more info 740 738-0891 price is $950. please no e-mail.
  14. Cap'n kanuckles

    Ruttman roller with original seat

    Very solid roller,has not been welded on,has ruttman tag,kickstand,original seat,does have some cracking on white area,black part has one tiny tear.looks to be original wheels and Indian head tires.asking $230 will box and ship at your expense.
  15. chicodafreako

    complete ruttman gt250 $500

    Located in metro detroit michigan. Has 5hp tecumseh, starts after about 4 pulls, leaks gas from the carb
  16. hotrodricky

    5" Taco wheels -- Ruttman also?

    #1 I recently picked up a Ruttman, it appears to have Taco wheels. The rear wheel had what looked to be factory sprocket and factory spacers. Is this factory? #2 Examining the 5" wheels one wheel (front) has 4 plain ribs, the other wheel(rear) has the 4 ribs but mid point of the rib (or...
  17. B

    Ruttman Spyder tire sze?

    Hello, I am looking for the proper tire sizes for a Ruttman Spyder. I have seen some with the front and rear tire sizes being the same but I am looking for the sizes when the larger diameter rear tire is used. Any help and input is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, BBT
  18. Ruttman


    Ruttman seats
  19. markus

    lil indian, ruttman, others grips

    My guy found me some more of these. correct grips for the lil indians, seen them on some Ruttmans, and even looks like maybe one or 2 of the cat bikes possibly 7/8" dummy and 1" throttle side, NOS $64 shipped

    F.S Carlisle Double Indian Head Tire N.O.S Lil Indian Ruttman other's

    Selling my N.O.S Carlisle Double Indian Head Tire N.O.S never been on a bike...Mint unused 4.10 x 3.50 X 4 ..Fits a 4 inch Rim.Used on Lil Indian,Ruttman and other bike's from the 60's/70's Asking $45.00 plus Shipping Paypal l:scooter::thumbsup:.