1. Strigoi

    Who would be screwed by an unexpected $10k bill?

    This thread popped up on another board I go on. Results were interesting. For me, I can deal with a $10k bill and it's not a big deal at all. Let the dick swingin' commence... edit: Not a big deal, but I wouldn't be happy about it. Rather spend that on fun stuff.
  2. tundrabeagle3

    Predator 212 rtc8 big valve head

    Selling a rtc8 head that came off a new predator it is lightly used only to break in the engine. I took off a carb stud but a new on can be screwed in other than that it is complete. asking 50 plus shipping
  3. JohnnyTillotson

    Lighting coil part

    Many months ago I bid on this "lighting coil" and was the only bidder so I "won" it. It was only after that that I learned of the need for the flywheel to match and the fact it isn't complete. But now I'm wondering if this part can in fact be screwed into any stator to make it into a lighting...
  4. M

    oooooppps screwed that one up didnt i ?

    well timing is not on my side at all . was hoping to get my membership in before it ran out but nope not that lucky . so back to regular member till hent gets the money order :doah: i hate being broke so if any one is trying to pm me it aint going to work as my box is dead full...
  5. A

    I screwed up

    Ok so I posted about this 2 weeks ago. I took out the govener on my 5.5 Honda clone. I just took out the plastic gear. Then when I'm riding the govener rod was hitting against the gears. So I took a dremble and grinded it off. Now it wont start. When I try to start it it sounds like the damn...
  6. KustomKartKid

    Tecumseh Recoils Riveted? Screwed ?

    Quick question for the Tec gurus...did Tecumseh start screwing on the starter recoils at some point instead of riveting them or did it depend on the model, hp etc....I have an older 2-1/2 that's riveted and then there's this 3-1/2 that's screwed on and looks factory to me (and apparently from...
  7. The Restore Kid

    got screwed by the Trail Horse

    Found it listed as minibike, 400 bucks, no pic...Asked for a pic and recieved one ya couldn't see for :001_9898: It looked like a Bonanza and I said OH MY GOD :drool: Is that an all there lighted Bonanza? WOW it looks like it might be pretty sweet.. GLAD I asked that guy for pics... So.. I...
  8. B

    screwed up!!

    okay, installed arc rod, flywheel,18 lb. valve springs and my hf 6.5 developed a knock. pulled the side coverand found cam and crank gears had rubbed the side case a little. upon further inspection, found side to side play in the rod-crank. so...obviously the bearing went away. would i be better...
  9. The Restore Kid

    Who got screwed worse?

    I ended up trading the 3 wheeler for even MORE crap I don't need.. The Roadster II has nice wheels and tires and jackshaft. I drove that one today.. The Coleman is missing the flywheel side cover, shifter, carb slider (not a real promising motor) The big Kart has a briggs 8 horse with Comet...
  10. DreyeIce

    I screwed up tonight, which spring goes on what side,

    ok, i f'ed up bad tonight, i P&P my ports, wich i have done a million times on 1:1 car motors, and i did it all nice, even got it to a nice shine with tiny buffing cones, so anyways, SOMEHOW a little shaving got stuck inbetween the piston rings, and without me knowing, the big dummy went to...
  11. DreyeIce

    HS40 screwed up?

    Ok, so i have my rupp hustler, with the HS40, the thing is, it can idle all day, but when throttle is applied, it puffs smoke out the pipe and the valve spring cover, itll get to top end, then die out and run extremly rough, also, with the CJ8 plug it runs good, but dies alot, with an NGK...
  12. jesse8931

    So i screwed up big time

    when i ventured into my first real big 4 stroke dirtbikes i bought a 1984 yamaha xt250. well it had real bad compression and smoked. and i figured rings and was right need new rings so i tore down the motor over the summer and am just now receiving my rings and just saw that i didnt mark the...
  13. 125ccCrazy

    My Bonanza 2 speed project but I think I screwed up

    Duh Me!!! I been working on this lil project since winter on and off, I stretched the jackshaft brackets approx 1.5" so I could fit a Comet 2 speed in there and clear the swingarm.... Ok that went fine... I sat the frame aside and built the engine, 5hp Gold I/C, precision cam, arc rod, 3hp alum...