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  4. Fat Tony157

    Tav2 30 series torque converter (aftermarket)

    This is an aftermarket Tav2 30 series torque converter. Not a genuine comet. I bought this for my build-off mini bike this past winter but I decided a standard centrifugal clutch was better suited for the build and no longer need this. It works great and has nothing wrong with it. It has maybe...
  5. E

    Comet Series 40 Belt size and removal question

    I'm wanting to remove this from my Super Bronc 2 VT-1040... I removed the bolt at the end of the engine drive shaft, but the drive 'clutch' isn't budging. Am I missing something? Do I need a grear puller or some other tool? Also, the belt that came on it is a NAPA 25-07800/24308 5/8" wide...
  6. J

    series 30 clone TC

    Anyway to make the driver clutch engage at a lower RPM? Weaker springs? My "Jimmy Gote" seems to need more RPM to engage than I would like. Seems to have plenty of power to handle it. Any ideas? Mine is an Ebay Chinese series 30 clone. I checked my center to center spacing and I might be 1/8 to...
  7. Sport King Eric

    Wanted aTote gote side screen 600 series

    This is a long shot guys, but I'm looking for a sided screen for a 706 tote gote.. its the same as the 600 series if you have one and want to sell please contact me.. pictured is the Screen I need..
  8. gumpit

    40 series driven parts

    Is there a stronger reverse spring than the yellow reverse spring for the 40 series driven?
  9. hubie1320

    Mini Bike - Motovox Platinum Series - MBx11

    Mini Bike - Motovox Platinum Series MBx11 - Like New, ridden twice! Garage kept and still has plastic wrap on the seat. 2.5Hp, 79.5cc Gas 4 Stroke Engine. Rear Disc Brakes, Safety kill switch, front shocks, kick stand, very quiet muffler with safety guard, built for riders up to 135 lbs...
  10. Sixpac440

    How to line up a 40 series?

    The following pic shows a 3/8 offset between the center of the driven and the inside of the drivers stationary angled drive plate. Before I cut .550 out of my jackshaft mount ... is the 3/8" offset correct?
  11. gran_pann

    30 and 40 series max rpm question

    Provided your engine can dish out the RPMS, what is the 'max' rpms any of you all have been able to pull on your torque converters? Failures? Safeguards? I'm not talking about the guy that forgets to put lock-tite on his drive unit crank bolt and throws it at 3600 rpms. Lets hear what you all...
  12. chrisr

    40 series clutch - reasonably priced

    Just picked these up today. The 40 series driver and driven seemed reasonably priced and I have never used the 3/4 to 1 inch adapter before, so I thought I would give it a go. Not sure if anyone else has tried the 3/4 to 1 inch adapters. Thought I would share. Thanks 40 series...
  13. nico_v

    Series 30 torque converter on a 11 HP engine?

    Hi all, First post here so let me introduce myself real quick, I'm Nico from Sweden. Recently got inspired to build a mini bike after seeing a bunch of videos on Youtube that looked like it would be way too much fun. So I went and got me a little 70s kids dirtbike for parts (wheels, fork)...
  14. G

    NOS Comet series 40 clutch, belt, driven

    I have a new never used Comet series 40 torque converter with belt and driven pulley The 2speed jackshaft is not included in this sale but is offered n another post. More photos here: Prrice is $175.00 shipping from 90242...
  15. yalipito

    Comet 44 series magnum torque converter

    I am thinking about one for my drag bike (B&S 305). I would like to hear (read) thoughts and opinions, preferably from people who have used or seen them used. Thanks.
  16. gammatg

    Brand new Comet 20 series driver and driven and TAV2-30

    Brand new never used in their original box TAV2-30 $150 20 series 75 bore Driver $60 Series A 5/8 bore Driven $70 Buyer pays shipping. Thanks OldMiniBikes!
  17. danford1

    Comet 30 series Torque Converter alignment

    I recently purchased a minibike with a Comet 30 series torque converter. It doesn't look like it is installed right the belt isn't straight between the pulleys. It looks like the Drive clutch is too close to the engine. It there a spacer that goes behind it? Are the fixed sheaves of both...
  18. Not so mini bike

    Salsbury 330 series torque converter

    Looks to be is great shape. Driven has excellent spring back action. Inside of driver isn't all rusty. Can text better pics. Comes with belt that appears to be in great shape. Believe these are rated for up to 8hp engines. Same as comet 340 series $150 plus shipping
  19. james ackerman

    Comet 30 series driver.

    I have a comet 30 series driver for a 3/4 inch shaft, I'm looking to trade it for a 30 series for a 1 inch shaft. Please help my super bronc come alive and move!!!!
  20. R

    30 series TAV gear ratio question...

    Guys, I apologize for asking something I'm certain has been asked before. I swear on my only child's life that I did a search, and there is a lot of info our there on this, but I was having a hard time finding what I'm after. I need advice on what gearing ratio I should shoot for wit my tav...