1. L

    Lil Indian Mag wheel rims 4' - 6' sets

    Lil Indian Mag wheel rims. 1 set early take offs 4' mag wheel rims with original general tires. 1 tire is good the other has a crack. 1 set NOS 6' mag wheel rims with original bolts. Would like to sell as a package $500.00 248-628-0261
  2. Biffmini

    NOS 1" throttle grip sets

    $17.00 shipped 5" length
  3. ludicrous speed

    about these el cheapo tav 2 sets on ebay

    these el cheapo tav 2 sets on ebay,are they any good? i have sorted thru a ton of websites all selling tavs for different prices and they alllllll look the same.?? heres an example. Go Kart Torque Converter Kit CVT Clutch 1" Comet TAV 30 219554A Manco 12T 35 | eBay Go Kart Torque Converter...
  4. Biffmini

    NOS throttle grip sets

    I have plenty 7/8" & 1" sets. Throttle sets $10.00, throttle cables $3.00 plus shipping. to many to mention all, just ask...
  5. Biffmini

    NOS throttle grip sets

    These are very nice sets 4 1/2" in length $16.00 each shipped $19.00 shipped with cable. Also have some 5" sets
  6. Iron Honky

    comet two speed setups 3 sets

    3 sets of universal comet two speed setups. asking $140obo each. Throttle and exhausts are sold.
  7. Biffmini

    Throttle Control Sets NOS

    I have ten of each style 7/8" Bars, Beston GT's 5 1/4" Others 4 1/2" $10.00 + actual shipping cost. I may have a very few 1" sets!
  8. Biffmini

    NOS Superior Grip sets & mics. Grips

    I have sizes 5 1/4" - 5" - 4 3/4" - 4 1/2" & a few odd metric... Grip sets $16.00 shipped / Grips $10.00 shipped
  9. bikerboybenny8

    Drag bike guys...

    Where do you get your wheel setups!? Purchasing a frame and gettin ready to drag it.. Best places for wheel sets and such?? Thanks for any feedback
  10. bikerboybenny8

    Cheapest Wheel setups??

    Im on a pretty strict budget... and im wondering what the cheapest wheel sets you guys have found??
  11. Peekster

    JC Penny Digger Decal

    I bought a Digger from Marcus awhile back and he said some people were looking for the decal. I got ahold of the person who made them and had afew sets done.Only a couple left. JC Penny Digger Mini Bike Decal Set | eBay
  12. Not so mini bike

    Briggs bolt sets

    Do they sell bolt sets? Head bolts,side cover, intake exhaust esc. 3hp and 4hp
  13. we4amigos

    N.O.S. Foot pegs 4 sets

    Here is 4 sets of N.O.S. Foot pegs plus one single that doesn't match the others. The larger set that is bolted together read "Montessa" on the rubber. All include their clamp on mounts and up near the top of picture is one set of weld on. Selling all for one money ( or least I'd like to ). $45...
  14. J

    Doodle bug springer fork sets

    Up for sale brand new custom built doodle bug springers comes with brass bushings $215 plush shipping

    Champion shft rockers ~ 2 sets

  16. jeep2003

    1/2" Grips 2 sets

    2 sets of 1/2" grips 9$ a set or 6.50$ each shipped
  17. COWBOY

    complete gasket sets

    recommendations on where to get complete gasket and seal kits for 3=8hp briggs
  18. COWBOY

    complete gasket sets

    Does anyone have recommendations on where to get complete gasket and seal kits for Tecumseh 3.5 through 10 hp.
  19. Randy

    Two Sets of sprung forks *Nice*

    These are from Dixie Minibikes. Smooth travel, very nice nylon bushings inside the top tube. Nice and straight. Not to many Dixies out there so these would be well suited for a custom application. Nice solid forks. Dixie was a bike made in Japan and sold under many names, minico is one that is...
  20. 1stlegendtx

    This guy sets a new record in arrogance

    :asshole: Unbelievable.:thumbdown:MINI BIKE