1. cruhr1

    Taco Ceriani shocks

    Looking for a set of the Ceriani shocks used on the Taco T100. Let me know what have. Thanks-Chad

    Lets talk Shocks

    I am looking for information on Minibike/Motorcycle rear shocks. On a car/truck there are good amounts of angle and bad or excessive amounts of angle. Automotive I have all the real world information I need or want. But I have ZERO real world experience with what is used on a mini...
  3. mini one

    11 or 12" Sebac Shocks

    Preferably 12" middle of eye to eye but could use 11" eye to eye also. Let me know what you have, could use 2 to 4 of them, Thanks, MO
  4. T

    Taco Shocks

    Looking for a pair of original taco rear shocks for a '67 taco 44 restoration project. Thanks, Tom
  5. Peekster

    Rupp shocks

    Rupp shocks $50 plus shipping.
  6. CarPlayLB

    Super Doubly Rare Sebac clone shocks

    This is a set of super rare, doubly special, Sebac look alike shocks. These are in great shape and have been semi-professionally refurbished to near new! The chrome is in decent shape. I cannot make out the stylized name, but it appears to be Lispe? they are made in Italy too! don't miss your...
  7. 1stBxMopar

    FOX Shocks

    Good working condition- (rider quality) could use a cleaning, some chain rash on one. $35. shipped....
  8. Daniel Coop

    In search of original ARCO Easyrider suspension seat and shocks

    Frantically trying to hunt down an original Alexander Reynolds Easyrider suspension seat and shocks for my stretched rat bike/resto-mod. Thanks to J Ackerman (an OldMiniBikes forum member) I now have the original frame mounted gas tank. Also searching for re-production decals if anyone can help...
  9. Not so mini bike


    Sebac shocks 11 1/2" center to center. Good shape. Not stuck. Chrome looks like it might be ok under black paint. Bushings look good. $35 shipped After market shocks 11" center to center. Great shape. Barely any use on them. $30 shipped
  10. owend

    Forks and shocks

    Front forks removed from a MMR bike some scratches and one very small ding, could be used on a Baja to use your own bars. $40.00 shipped One pair of NOS shocks, never used, 12 inches between mounts $ 40.00 shipped Shipping will be from N.Y. 13032 and cash or postal money order please for...
  11. KMC3420

    WTB 12" shocks

    Looking for a set of 12" shocks for rear of mini. Used is fine as long as they are in decent shape, no rust. No name is fine also. Please let me know what you have. Thanks.
  12. Biffmini

    Damaged cat shocks for parts!

    $10.00 shipped
  13. M

    '67 Continental Front Springs / Shocks

    Needing help with the front springs / shocks on my '67 Continental. Mine are currently stuck in the fork. One strut came out with the lower plug and about 2 3/4" of spring. So I suspect it is broken up inside, with part of the spring and upper plug attached. The other side has the entire...
  14. Peekster

    Sebac parts shocks

    Here are some shocks for parts . 2 are sebacs 2are no names just made in Italy decal $22 plus shipping
  15. gammatg

    CAT parts: wheel stars, rear tire and one sebac shock 11 3/4"

    2 wheel stars, one rear tire and one sebac shock 11 3/4" center of eye to center of eye(was on an Eliminator)everything pictured except my knee $50. Shipping is on the buyer. Pms work best. Thanks!
  16. Peekster

    Sebac shocks #2

    Here is another set of sebac shocks.They measure about 13- 1/4in eye to eye $50 plus shipping.
  17. Peekster

    Sebac shocks

    Here is a clean set of sebac shocks Nice chrome Measures about 11- 1/2 eye to eye $42 plus shipping
  18. RideSF

    WTB Taco Shocks

    Looking for a set of Taco rear shocks. Thanks OldMiniBikes
  19. ss396conv

    WTB Taco Shock Parts

    I need an upper Taco 100 (Ceriani) shock upper housing. I am willing to buy the entire shock or just parts....Thanks
  20. 1stBxMopar

    Chrome Shocks

    Pair of chrome shocks, very nice condition........ $65.00 shipped....Paypal only... (these are unmarked and do not say sebac)...