1. 1stBxMopar

    Sebac 12 Shocks

    3 shocks plus 4 correct shouldered mounting bolts.....$60.00 shipped.....Paypal only
  2. B

    1969 Taco 99 Parts needed! rear shocks, front Wheel and upper fork Wanted!

    Need original rear shocks (Ceriani) , front 5" Wheel and upper fork wanted! Thanks!
  3. gumpit

    13+ inch heavy duty shocks

    I need some heavy duty shocks for my rupp. I need something that wont allow the rear fender to rub with my fat ass on it. What do you have?
  4. Not so mini bike

    Rupp shocks

    Great shape. Chrome is great. The one needs to be put back together but all parts are there. $80 shipped
  5. Midyrman

    Bonanza BC1400 BC1500 Rear Shocks Original Unrestored

    BC1400 or BC1500 original rear shocks. Unrestored and great for a survivor bike or clean and repaint the bottoms for a restoration. Sorry for the large pictures but they do show the lack of pitting on either shock. If you want more pictures let me know and I will email them to you...
  6. Taco Loco Joe

    Bonanza Shocks BC 1200/1300

    Need the chrome shocks for my Bonanza . thanks
  7. Rupp Shocks

    Rupp Shocks

    Awaiting the chrome end caps, this is what will have to go into the Build-off.
  8. tyleryamaha

    Bonanza BC1500SH rear shocks

    Bonanza BC 1500 SH rear shocks 100.00 firm plus shipping good shape. Can send pics over phone later.
  9. trinik7597

    Cat shocks

    Set of cat shocks need a little love but could be real nice for someone who needs them $30 shipped
  10. L

    What type of shocks

    I have a bird golden pinto that was missing the original shocks. What type should I buy and from where....Mechanical adjustable or hydraulic, bike will be everyday rider for my son. Thanks
  11. boatguy

    Sebac Shocks

    Can anyone tell me if Sebac shocks can be taken apart and if so how? These are off a 1970 Little Indian Outlaw Chopper and they work but would like to refinish the springs. Thanks.
  12. JohnnyTillotson

    Toyoco rear shocks

    Its time I admit defeat on bringing these Toyoco rear shock springs back from the rusty hell I found them in. On the right is before, on left is now. They're just too pitted to get any better. I'm big into going with the original parts even if they cant be brought up to perfect...
  13. RuppChopperPaul

    WTB pair of original Rupp Roadster 2 shocks in working condition

    Like the title says I am looking for a pair of Rupp Roadster 2 shocks in at least decent working condition. Looking for originals, not any of the different styles that are being sold these days. Let me know what you have and how much you want for them. Thanks, Paul
  14. Dans1970Z20

    Recommendation for rear shocks for Bonanza BC1200

    I am just a big kid, 50yo 6'6" 275lbs. Building my Bonanza to use as a pit bike at race track and light trails, I Have a Subaru 6.5, Comet Torq-a-verter and 8" wheels. Just looking for a setof shocks I wont bottom out simply with my weight but also a set thats not so stiff that they will...
  15. thomas3120

    Need help/Advice with really firm rear Shocks

    Hello, I got these shocks at a local store for dirt cheap. I believe they are Jin Suspension LJ400A coil shocks. Currently have them set up on the rear of my minibike. One of the coils has 350lbs/Inch written on it. Have them adjusted all the way for a softer ride, but they are still way...
  16. C

    Building seat suspension old scholl with two adjustable shocks...

    I am wondering what shocks I would use? How well does it work? I essentially want to do this......... Something like this.....
  17. G

    Shocks or just a seat spring

    Hey guys just swapped my doodlebug with a 6.5 with gov removed, straight pip, custom air filter, and rejet kit. It is AWESOME! So much fun. Only thing I hate is the bumps. How difficult and how much is it to put rear shocks on it? Should I just stick to a seat spring idea? Any DIY's would be...
  18. Not so mini bike

    Taco shocks?

    Not sure if these were used on the rear suspension tacos but they look like the same ones They say sebac on them also looks like they say F or E WGOR then BRFV
  19. capguncowboy

    Cat Duster shocks, Sebac?

    These were on a Duster MX I picked up a few weeks ago. Pretty sure they're Sebac, but they're not marked. $10 plus shipping (OBO) from 37618
  20. C

    Tap to chase threads on Rupp OEM Shocks

    anyone know what it would be? I bought replacement nylon bushings. They seem to have a thread OD of 1.020 ".....but a pitch of 1.0 mm