1. glenn baine

    Power dyne remember this one

    i been on this one for around 2 years now. waiting for my decals. and finish up wiring. :smile:
  2. detroit313

    db-30 slick tires

    Anyone know where i can get a 15x6x6 slick tire for my db30?? links please :smile:
  3. MurmurWhiskey

    Mini Bike From Neighbor

    I recently bought two bike from a neighbor, and can not figure out what this one is. Any help with identifying it would be appreciated. Thanks! :smile:
  4. Hounddog

    Special Find

    Here is a nice little number...he was very creative...looks like he just kept adding on till he got it just right...:smile:
  5. we4amigos

    Tri Sport TS 150 shakedown drive

    With the time off for the Holidays I was able to devote some time to my Alsport project. Warm temps made my garage very comfortable for a change ! Last evening we got the body back on and were able to take a brisk ride around the neighborhood on this. What a great ride,,,it perform...
  6. joekd

    Quick Saturday ride = huge smile

    I was working in the garage today when my son asked me to look at the chain on his mtn bike, just needed some lube so since I already had the chain lube out I decided to do the baja warrior also Since it would be a shame to put this on the chain and not ride it I went for a quick ride around...
  7. Toominibikes

    You can not ride this without a smile

    This is a blast in the snow! I would have gotten the Super Bronc out but it had a flat tire.
  8. Ruppster81

    Got My Job Back

    I got a call last week by my last employer and I got my old job back. I just started my first day today! :thumbsup: Now I can quit selling all my crap lol... nah the crap has gotta go. I'm happy to be back in the grind again. Now I can enjoy the holidays alittle, and hope others will too. Happy...