1. P

    Kill switch issues.

    So I own a preadator 212 swapped mini bike, bike starts up great runs no problems, bit when i hit the kill switch, nothing, bike continues to run. To turn it off i have resorted to cutting the fuel off and that takes too long, I will include pictures of the kill switch. Anyone who could help me...
  2. C

    Vintage B&S wont start, what is missing from this picture (carb)

    Some missing springs and linkage are preventing me from hooking up a throttle cable and maybe part of the dreaded no-start problem as well. (Good spark, fresh gas, good compression) Any idea where I may be able to get needed parts? It's a 1958!
  3. bremerman

    WTD Counter clockwise rope pull start (pulley)

    Thanks in advance. :wink:
  4. 1

    Wanting to start 212 Hemi harbor freight build Need some guidance

    Hello! First post to this forum, Im a kid who knows his way around an old car (for the most part :) ), engines as well, so Im not really asking how to build one (although pointers for building a small engine would be helpful, as Ive only built V8s). Anyway I would get a Hemi as they usually flow...
  5. S

    customized chopper style mini bike. elect start, New everything almost

    I built this custom chopper. its durable and functions without any problems. new paint, bearings, rear tire and tube, chain, newer engine (rarely ever used) with electric start. new cables, new throttle,, new kill switch, new hardware, like new custom seat. The bike has a foot operated scrub...
  6. S

    customized chopper style mini bike. elect start, New everything

    pics speak for themselves. electric start, new tires, new throttle and cables, scrub brake, new 5.5 hp briggs, custom exhaust, new fabricated seat, full suspension. new clutch, chain, and sprocket. new gas and oil resistant paint. this bike is reliable and very fast. its very comfortable and...
  7. D

    First start on 2nd hand non hemi Predator

    The chassis is all back together on Project Baja MB200 GC and time to start the engine. The engine is a non-hemi R210-111 from HF that came with the project and not original to the bike. It looks like brand new out of the box minus the muffler. I ordered the OEM muffler and gasket off the web...
  8. J

    Hornet wont start 3.5 hp 148 cc

    Hello all, got this minibike last year for my daughter and she rode it all summer no problems. Started right up every time. Put it away for winter with a tiny bit of gas left in bottom of tank. Less than a 1/2 inch. Yesterday I decided to bring out the bike so she can ride it and decided...
  9. J

    Help won't start older B&S 3.5 hp 148cc

    Sorry thread was made in wrong forum....moderator please delete sorry
  10. Oldschoolcool

    HS50 new carb issue no start

    I bought a new carb off ebay for my HS50 build. It doesn't seem to be getting gas to the spark plug as the plug is bone dry when I pull it. The plug has spark and will pop the engine over if I give it a shot of starter fluid. I began with backing out the carb adjustment screws one full turn from...
  11. Bikerscum

    Get ready for things to start disappearing Existing pics on forums that are hosted on Photobucket will disappear, replaced with a box asking the user to upgrade their PB account to allow third party hosting. Good news is it's only $400/year.
  12. M

    Hard to start predator 212

    Hey guys im finishing up my go kart build and have it all together, but this thing is almost impossible to start. The valve lash is good, but i dont think its getting enough fuel when pulling the cord or something. I had it running for the first time today for a solid 45 seconds with the...
  13. G

    Pred 212 starts, idles but shuts off when fuel tab is moved from start to run. Help!!

    A little background... it's several years old and always ran like a champ I just let it sit for 6 months like an idiot. Life got in the way. So last week I drained the tank, removed the carb, cleaned it out, changed the oil, and put some "Mechanic in a bottle" in to the tank. After all of...

    wont start

    Hello everybody, I have A sachs 80b that wont start. It did once and died out, now nothing. has good spark, clean points, I even removed the motor and turned it upside down to get excess gas out of it. not flooded. the carb is NOS, so is the motor. i am stumped. could the condenser be bad? It...
  15. Sixpac440

    3D Motorsports Manual Clutch Kit .. $100 start, no reserve

    3D Motorsports Manual Clutch Kit Mini Bike Kart Drift Trike | eBay
  16. T

    snorkle and new exhaust where should i start for jetts? what are the OEM?

    i have a mb200-2 with 200cc clone motor. i was having problems with water getting into my motor so i added a snorkel and a new air filter i am going to make a new exhaust next. where should i start for jett size? how do i adjust the pilot settings, is an emulsion tube like a pilot jett? where...
  17. R

    Identifying Predator

    Hey guys. I'd like to know how to identify my Predator 212. I know its a non-hemi (which sucks) and I've looked all over for some sort of plaque, or anything that will give me the model number, (example: 68120) but all I could find was this sticker on the shroud thing that goes over the flywheel...
  18. thejoker

    Tecumseh kick start for sale

    I have a used working Tecumseh kick start for sale $250 plus shipping. Pm me your number or text me and I'll send you pictures.
  19. K

    Replaced Baja MB165 engine with a lifan 6.5 electric start.... Need Performance parts

    And I found out its a really tight fit. I had to take the muffler protector off, and air filter cover off. The gas tank cap/knob is centered, so you can't use it with the tank on. I will take the one off the original baja motor and use that if it fits the lifan. The metal tanks hang a lot...
  20. Dr. Shop Teacher

    I'm stumped: 3hp no start

    This is the engine for my build-off bike. The engine will not fire. I got one backfire with starting fluid and another one ignited fuel vapors coming from the tank cap (never had that happen before:doah:). Here's what I checked: 1. Spark--hurt when my hand got too close to the spark tester, so...