1. J

    Please help me get started!

    I wanted to build a mini bike from scratch.I know how to weld the frames i just need someone to give some sizes of the frame im 5,9" 180lbs (btw) Also if you guys have any parts for cheap that are good it will be nice trying to keep the total price of the mini bike under $300 Here are...
  2. J

    Getting started.

    Hey guys. My name is Jeremy. I live outside of West Point, VA. I do small engine repair as a side job. My main occupation is an airplane maintenance worker. I have built a couple of projects but, as of yet, have not built a mini bike or even bought one. Any tips on how to get started with...
  3. C

    Started after sitting over a year.

    Have not posted in a while, thought I would share. Dug this out of the back of the shop , kicked it over about half a dozen times and it fired off. Runs like it always did, says a lot for racing fuel.
  4. noseoil

    Hemi build started

    I'm building a motor for a new bike (I don't have it yet, more to come on that one later). Decided to build with the 212 predator (60363) I got with a coupon for $99.00 at HF. It's nothing too wild, but here's the plan so far. Black Mamba cam 0.275" lift, 26# springs Bullfrog's pop-up...
  5. Daniel Coop

    The Easyrider that first started my obsession finally gets some love

    To think... Less than a year ago last July, I picked up this ARCO Easyrider locally on Craigslist, not knowing shit about it or this amazing hobby we all enjoy. I chose it over a Doodlebug the same guy was selling because I liked it's ratty look and the stretched frame fit my adult size a...
  6. D

    wanting to get started. What should i do?

    The title explains it. I'm in to mini bikes after my friend got one and I'm totally hyped. I'm just not sure where to get started. I read a few other threads and I'm looking to just start with something cheaper and add to it later on. I found a Motovox MBX10 on craigslist for a good price but it...
  7. wheels1950

    Well I'm done with the car but it wasn't the one I started on

    I was able to buy a car from a friends family that passed 3 years ago haven't end much MiniBike restos so nice than . Gonna get back to my three wheeler and hope that have it done for the Windber show next year . Here's a few of the 48 Chevy I call Suburbillac It's got a 500" caddie in it ...
  8. E

    Help! Getting it started

    I just arrived at my in-laws and found this vintage mini bike in his storage unit. It hasn't ran in years. It has spark, compression and fresh gas. but it's not starting. Will I need to take apart the carbs to clean them? How can I get this guys running again. Does this motor need mixed gas...
  9. apekillman

    can't get this briggs started. help?

    hey guys / gals, picked up a roller a few weeks ago with this engine on it. has good compression. i think it has spark. by that i mean i can't see one (didn't really try to see a spark in a dark area. it was sunny), but i did feel a shock while holding it. won't start with starter...
  10. D

    No Spark on Sachs Saxonette

    I just pulled out my Arctic Cat Prowler from storage and i'm not able to get any spark when pulling the recoil. I remember hosing it down after a muddy day of riding about 15 years ago, and was never able to get it started after that... I've pulled off the flywheel to take a look at the...
  11. dajsnipe

    need advice on a pushmower

    This mower is going on its third season but it's only been used for triming so she's seen light duty. Yesterday it was running fine and then just stopped, we didn't hit anything, the blades are good, had fule.... I had a chancen to look at it today, hears what I know: -good spark -getting...
  12. Coycaller

    Need some help with a Tecumseh

    Engine numbers are: HM80-155174 Ser 0011C This engine is off of a Super Bronc that me and the boy are trying to resurrect. I replaced all of the leaking fuel lines and removed and cleaned the carb. We got it started but it won't run for very long. I started it on choke and then take it off...
  13. Johnny227

    Backyard build

    So I have followed this site for awhile and I needed a new pit bike to cruise around the track so I found this one on craigslist for $75 (Which I over paid) and as you can see she is pretty beat down. I had a bunch of kart parts laying around and a couple extra motors sitting on the shelf so I...
  14. Not so mini bike

    Baby Bonanza

    Picked this up yesterday and started work on it right away. Like I do t have enough projects. Lol Started to strip the frame. Ran out of daylight so worked on the motor for it through the night. Got it running then tore it down. Plan is to paint it white. It's a h25 just not the side popper...
  15. leathernun666

    Trail Horse GT100

    Ok so I decided not to get into the build off this year because I didn't know what kind of time I would have to devote to this project. And after the last one I was kind of discouraged anyways. so I decided to pump out three in the time that most people get one . Here is what I started with , a...
  16. bikerboybenny8

    Not Your Typical Bonanza Build

    A few of you guys on here already know i had this stashed away.. I even considered selling it. However i am currently waiting on a frame to be shipped to me from my buddy Karl, so in the meantime i figured id slap this together. Not sure of the model, dont really care. I got this frame with the...
  17. tbird

    My Bird Lark Project

    Here are some pictures of my Bird Lark that I've been playing with. I did a few mods to it along the way also. This is how it started out:
  18. S

    525 project

    I finished painting my 525 project this week and started putting it back together today. I thought I'd share a picture. The seat is just there to see if I wanted to use it on this bike. Not sure what I'll do. Because this one started as just a frame and forks, I don't have a lot of the hard to...
  19. johnatthebox

    serious fuel problem!

    I was breaking my new motor in with the bike up on a stand and everything was going fine ..... all of a sudden it bogs and dies. I see fuel dumping out of the air filter so i turn it off and cleaned up the spilt gas. Then i started it again without turning the fuel back on. Ran fine until the...
  20. slick 73

    3 hp help

    I bought this motor several years ago at a yardsale, thinking I'd eventually put it on a bike or go cart. I recently pulled it out of storage and found that it has a thread crankshaft instead of a keyed shaft. The engine has never been used or even so much as started. Wondering if I should sell...