1. trinik7597

    10" street tires

    some one with a 10" wheel street bike really needs these :thumbsup: super nice set of 3.50/10 cheng shin street tires $45 plus actual shipping
  2. OND

    Looking for 6" Rear Tire (Steet Tread)

    I'm looking for a 6" rear tire for a build project , I've got a 13x5-6 tire on it now and it is the right size...just don't like the tread design. Any body got a street type tread? Or know where I can get one ?
  3. K

    Hawg TY mini bike

    just bought this bike. need to know what model and engine cc before i can order parts or manual. will be adding lights and signals to register it for street use. might need to also change the tires! thanks! kathy
  4. kruger

    my version of mbx20

    i gave up building bikes for a while, but with all the snow I decided a on a new project. I wanted a murray track 2 since I rebuilt one for this guy son, it had a 5.5hp honda and pulled wheelies all day.I could not find a cheap tracks so I put my money in a jangdong blue clone, it has arc rod...
  5. K

    good tire for street and offroad mini bike riding

    my stock doodlebug tires are bald. i ride about 50/50 on street and offroad. any tire tread suggestiona
  6. N

    Can a Go-Kart become street legal?

    Hey!:laugh: I'm new to this forum and have recently built a go kart over this past summer. Its an old Manco frame with generic HF wheels and a Harbor Freight Predator 6.5 hp 212cc engine. I currently live in New Hampshire and was wondering if it was possible to make this cart street legal, by...
  7. Aldovino

    Street Legal MBX10

    I plan to make my Motovox mbx10 street legal. I was wondering where I could stumble upon some DOT approved tires that will fit stock rim size?
  8. omahgarsh

    Street tread tires for 6 inch rims

    I see a lot of knobby or sawtooth tires for 6 inch rims. Where can you get a street type or universal tread tire for them ?
  9. M

    Bad Dog balloon tires

    Hey, dose anybody have any pics or video's of them on the dunes, out in the desert. going on the trails, basically in action, pics and vids are on the street that I've found, Debating on a build, need a test ride or some vids, Thanks to ALL!! Mike
  10. CaptNugget

    Trade: 49cc street legal Wildfire scooter -for- TRIKE

    Looking for a new trike for my collection. It's time for number 6! Looking to trade my 49cc Wildfire scooter. It's street legal with clear title, 2779 miles, bought new battery in May 2014 and ran excellent, haven't run since and now not starting but should be easy fix, possibly new battery...
  11. Bikerscum

    Licensed for the street

    Mini bike
  12. nokool

    Baja street legal in Texas?

    Has any one tried making a Baja Mini street legal in Texas?
  13. J

    street legal minibike madness

    Hi :D I seem to have come down with a minibike sickness this summer.. I bought a used Baja Doodlebug, slapped a Predator 212 on there, and decided I'd try to register it. But lo and behold, it's hard to do that.. But now I'm simply determined to make it happen.. I must have a street legal...
  14. cyruss503

    Just down the street

    Im goin to pick this up in the AM..The guy said its monkey wards but im not finding anything wards made that has a single bar in the front..any input ??? thanks Mini bike Minibike frame
  15. J

    Fox street scamp restore finally done

    Was wondering if anbody can tell me the year of this bike?
  16. ludicrous speed

    fox street scamp roller

    heres a Fox street scamp,or whats left of one. used to be a 2-speed setup,w/disc brakes even. what you see is what you get with this roller. frame,forks,Disc Brake wheels,tires,and not much else. for example,the rear axle" turned out to be a bent piece of threaded rod.. theres some decent...
  17. ludicrous speed

    wtb fox street scamp parts

    bought a beatup roller tonite.missing a bunch of parts. id-ed my bike off this video here,appears to be a members bike,wayyy nicer than mine thats for sure. mine needs,the whole 2 speed clutch setup,and it could use a seat and some fenders as well,if...
  18. ole4

    Fox street scamp tank wanted.

    Looking for a tank for a fox street scamp. Ole __________________
  19. ole4

    fox street scamp tank wanted.

    Looking for a tank for a fox street scamp. Ole
  20. gumpit

    What is the best street legal mini bike Rupp made?

    What is Rupps street legal model? The beefiest? Looking for one to register in Mass.