1. minimotor

    Street Legal Bumper Cars

    Here are some pics of street legal bumper cars. Made from recycled bumper cars from the Long Beach Pike Amussment Park. Powered by 750 Honda, or Kawasaki engines.:thumbsup:
  2. B

    street legal minibike

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I built a new minibike using an Azusa kit, gc160 motor, and a tav2 torque converter. I have also added a street legal headlight, taillight/brakelight, horn, rearview mirror, and battery. I would like to make it street legal, but the state of Minnesota has tightened...
  3. Mean Dean

    Original 1970 Fox Street Scamp

    Hey Guys. I have a real nice Fox Street Scamp. It is all original unrestored in Orange. The Jackshaft is all there with the chains. Headlight and tailight are in Great shape. Seat just has one small tear. It has the rear chrome seat rack in good shape. It has the original rims and tires. The gas...
  4. Infidel Strong

    How To Make Mini Bike Street Legal?

    I was just curious are you able to make the mini bikes street legal, I have a Baja Warrior and I was wondering if anyone has made one street legal before? If so I'm assumming you need, Horn, Lights, Tag Plate, Turning Signal etc..? The regular stuff like on a motorcycle. I am in Wichita, KS...
  5. GTLabs

    A bunch of general make Dr. Greenthumb street legal!

    I'll be moving on very quickly to round 3 of my biofuel powered Mini Baja/ Yerf Dog buildup. The chassis is appropriately sized for my big ass. Now that the DOT tire issues are taken care of and I don't have to modify the frame, I can jump right into the motor swap. I want to swap the motor for...
  6. B

    Make doodle street legal

    would the etching on the neck suffice as a vin number?thinking of putting dot tires, lights ,and horn to make legal registration as a moped in the state of washington
  7. P

    Bronc for street use?

    Just wondering if anyone ever had their bronc set up for street use.
  8. minidragbike

    Racing on Carob Street

    We had got ran off from Manville this weekend so we went to the other street we race on. I was video taping a race and after the race my motor was running lean. I didn't want to cut the motor off, so the bike was leaning to the side idling. Here is a picture of the bike And here is the...
  9. olajoe808

    Belt drives overrated for street riding???

    I read the arguments here and don't know what to make of a belt drive setup for street riding. After removing the governor it was obvious the bike had a new roar. Racing down straightaways it felt like the bike had a lot more leg. Then after doing the governor thought it would be...
  10. Jay Wrix

    Woodward/fort street cruises,

    For all you guys in Michigan (and around) Anyone plan on going to the car cruises? More specifically the one On Fort Street as I never seem to make it down to Woodward
  11. Tom S.

    Vintage Street Scenes

    An article in this morning's newspaper led me to this. Here's a link to videos of various Portland, Oregon street scenes from the late 1930s. Sort of like DOT traffic-cams from 70 years ago. Few motorcycles, and certainly no minis, but still very cool, and amazing that there aren't dead bodies...
  12. F

    Fox Street Scamp Project Bike

    I need to ditch a few projects, among them the Fox Street Scamp I was hopeful about rebuilding. $100 take is home. The bike is at my house in Lake Elmo Minnesota. It needs a bunch of parts, not limited to the clutch, motor and hand controls. Gas tank seems nice. The axles that go through...
  13. S

    Fox Street Scamp Chassis

    Complete chassis ,has 2 speed jackshaft w/all three sprockets intact Asking $125. Please contact me @262-366-0119 Thanx Sarge
  14. D

    anyone try riding on street

    just wandering if a db30 going down the road to work with a slow moving orange triangle mounted on back has ever been tried,and if so was cop laghing or pissed.
  15. F

    New Project, Fox Street Scamp

    Thanks to those ebay ads that live near the top of the page on this forum, I just bought what I am sure is a fox street scamp. Seemed like a good enough deal and wasn't too far away. It looks somewhat violated, missing a few parts and it looks like somebody might have welded the handlebars...
  16. Racer M

    Riding on the street

    Can I or can't I ride a mini bike on the street in California? I snooped around on the DMV website and found this: A motorized scooter may be operated on a bicycle path, trail or bikeway, but not on a sidewalk. On the roadway, it must be operated in the bicycle lane, if there is one. On...
  17. smallbikes88

    Custom Bonanza street race bike

    Well after looking at a poor bonanza sitting in my yard i decided to do something with it. I was gonna make it my snow bike but i think thats gonna have to wait till next year. We dont have that much snow here. I decided to make it a summer street bike! I bought these super pocket...
  18. A

    Need parts for Fox Street Scamp

    I need parts for the Fox Street Scamp. If anyone knows of any please let me know. Thanks. Animotion
  19. X

    Fox Street Scamp

    I am looking for various parts for a Fox Street Scamp, if anyone has anything please let me know. Thanks.

    4 wheels and almost street legal

    This is what I've been playing with lately: