1. AJHS2011

    What is this?

    I've had this mini-bike for quite some time, roughly all 18 years of my life. Please help to identify what it is. Thanks guys!
  2. M

    What is this?

    Mini Bike
  3. racer756

    Just Purchased. 1st Mini Bike. What is this?

    I just bought this online. Other Makes Other Makes | eBay I have never owned a Mini Bike. Stoked. Any Idea of what brand? Thanks Don Hudson
  4. turftech 1

    Will a Honda/Clone fit in this?

    Hi all, Looking for a home for one of the $99 Predators I recently purchased. Anyone know if a Clone will fit in one of these? It is a Heald Trail Bronc, one of the kit bikes they sold, I think it was back in the 80s. Here is a pic: Thanks for any replies, especially from anyone who...
  5. Marlinmate

    What is this?

    Any guesses?
  6. A

    What kind of minibike is this?

    Hello all, new to the site. Im 23, and havent had a minibike since I was a kid when me and my late father rebuilt one and resold it, I was mostly into go karts and didnt have much interest in it. Well on a whim i purchased a clone motor last week, and needed something to put it in, so I found...
  7. dw1973

    What make is this?

    Anyone know what make / year this bike is? Worth restoring? Anyone have pics of a complete bike for reference?
  8. patrick2260

    What kind of mini bike is this?

    I'm looking for another bike project. Found this for sale. Does anyone know what kind of bike this is? Seller says there are no markings and has no idea. Thanks!:scooter:
  9. oldrelics

    What kind of clutch is this?

    What kind of clutch is this? Says Comet and has 11 teeth.Is it one of those two speed clutches?
  10. L

    what the heck is this?

  11. DT400Rider

    What Montgomery Ward model is this?

    Just picked this one up. I bought it for the motor but thinking it should stay with the minibike if it original to the bike. It is a 5hp.
  12. jprice

    did you have a hot wheel track like this?

    Mother of All Hot Wheels Tracks - Part 1 - YouTube
  13. H

    what is this?

  14. B

    anybody know this?

    what brand
  15. Kbourne

    What Frame is this?

    Any ideas on this frame? Thanks...
  16. Hondagx160DB

    What kind of clutch is this?

    What kind of clutch is this? NOW WITH PICS I have a Comet clutch. the only thing it says is "Comet Clutch Richmond Indiana Pat Pend. Its a 12 tooth. Anyone know any detail on this clutch? is it older? It doesnt have a set screw! thanks in advance, the clutch is in two pieces (the outside with...
  17. O

    What is this?

    I found this piece after taking my clones engine head off to clean and didn't know where it went or what it is? Im thinking it hooks on with the push rods? Any thoughts? Thanks
  18. toomanytoys

    what is this?

    I found this on craigs list, going to be in the PA area Saturday going to stop and look at a few cheap bikes, this caught my eye.
  19. bandit77

    What kind of mini bike is this?

    I found this mini bike on cragslist yesterday.... Any idea what kind it is and what year...