1. vegetable

    my motovox project

    finally time i posted something like this, wanted to show through what has been a huge learning experience building my motovox. I still have loads to learn but its come so far from when I first picked up the roller a couple years ago. 10/06/21 - frame acquired and test engine mocked up at my...
  2. Abyssion

    Hi, Tillotson 212 head swap with predator hemi?

    Hi, I have a tillotson 212 with Hotmod 2 cam and billet rod, 22lb spring, 212R Cast Alum Flywheel. I wanted to swap my head just temporarily to the predator hemi 212 because my right intake valve has bent on the original tillotson head. I have the parts coming but I just want to ride. Thank you.
  3. vegetable

    Tillotson 212 22mm carb bolts loosened while riding, now wont start

    I was riding my mini when i suddenly lost power and when i pulled into my garage i saw my carb manifold bolts on the head were loose. took engine off cause I needed to do an oil change anyway, when i finished reassembly of the carb bolts (tightened down), replaced the gasket on the surface where...
  4. vegetable

    Not sure if i should be worried... but

    my brand new tillotson 212cc i just finished building (billet rod, 22mm mikuni, header, air filter, <1hr run time) runs perfectly fine, but when i rev it up it puffs blue smoke. Should I be worried, or is this normal for not broken in engines? I can get a video if need be on what it is doing
  5. C

    Build existing 196 HISUN or Buy a Tillotson

    Have a CT200U-EX. Looking for more power and to do it properly. One route is spending ample amounts to upgrade the HiSun. Cam, rod, flywheel. Is it worth it do this or just start out with a faster engine like the Tillotson 212R claiming 10hp already out of the box for the same price as...
  6. M

    Briggs 5hp tillotson

    I just got my first bike. It's a bonanza with a flathead and a tillotson carb I'm trying to figure out how to install my throttle linkage. I bought the ec lk-122 linkage I can't seem to get full throttle though. Also I'm using a single outlet mikuni fuel pump and when it's running I'm...
  7. H

    Tecumseh STAR alky with EC Birt stage 1 tillotson For Sale

    I have a tecumseh star with an ec birt stage 1 tillotson for sale. I had this on a go cart that i ran around the neighborhood for a while, but it was just too loud. I dont know a lot about the motor, i bought it on ebay, but it ran great. I know it has a billet rod, so i believe it was race...
  8. B

    Tillotson HD too much??

    Hey guys, haven't really been on in a long time, but I came across a pair of really clean looking tillotson hd carbs for what I feel is a pretty good price (if I can use them).....I am starting a 460cc clone project soon and I guess my question is, does anyone have personal experience or maybe...
  9. gran_pann

    5 hp flathead racing carb, tillotson, mikuni, need advice

    Sooo. I sucessfully put a honda gx200 carb on my briggs 5 hp flathead that I hopped up. I made a custom intake, welded my own stainless exhaust (about .85"ID 1"OD 2X 45 deg bends in it) It runs like a dream. Direct throttle custom made by myself bolted to a pivot point on the head. The only...
  10. L

    Wtb tillotson 304 360

    looking for a tillotson carb, preferably with the intake manifold and pulse fitting. Looking for a 304wx hl or a 360a for gasoline only thank you.
  11. Sprocket86

    Tillotson HL 239b Carburetor

    Looking for a good condition Tillotson HL 239b carburetor. Please let me know what you might have. Thanks!
  12. Sprocket86

    Tillotson HL series.

    Would any Tillotson carb gurus know the specs of a HL-87C carb? Thanks.
  13. Sprocket86

    Tillotson HL carb id help

    I have a Tillotson carb mounted on my custom Lawn Boy Duraforce engine but I'm not quite sure what this carb is specified for. The number is somewhat difficult to make out. Looks like HL-87? as I cannot read the last stamped in digit. Does this PN# look familiar? Thanks
  14. Carb to frame clearance issue

    Carb to frame clearance issue

    Tillotson intake and carb, 6.5 briggs
  15. L

    Tillotson dumping raw fuel

    My brand new Tillotson 304WX Alcohol carb is dumping raw fuel. I installed it the other day and all it did was dump fuel out the breather. So, I took it apart and cleaned and it's still doing it. I can turn the Low screw all the way in and it still runs. The high screw starts to lean it out if I...
  16. doodlebug6.5

    Help Tuning Tillotson Hl166

    Anyone know how to tune these? I can get it to idle, but once I hit the throttle it bogs out. Sometimes if I ease into I can hit higher rpms. I tried a richer low speed but I still cant get it. Thanks
  17. doodlebug6.5

    Anyone run the Tillotson Hl166?

    I bought this carb off ebay for cheap money. The bore is about .625 which is a little bigger than stock. With 1.3 ratio rockers, 14cc head, and a bp2 cam with 22lb springs. Will it run good? Will it just flood the cylinder idling? I heard thats what the Tillotson carbs do.
  18. J

    WANTED: Tillotson carb for westbend powerbee 580

    I've got the reed cage, i just need a carb. prefer a good working but ill take a nasty one to rebuild if the price is good. help a guy out! thanks in advance!!
  19. L

    Which size tillotson and fuel type?

    I'm building a predator 212. I want to run a tillotson carb but i can't decide between Racing fuel or Alchohol. Which fuel is best and size carb would you run? Price doesn't matter in fuel cost. MY SPECS: Predator 212 18cc head milled 0.050 and ported 27/25mm SS valves billet flywheel...
  20. doodlebug6.5

    Tillotson Carb?

    Does any one run the tillotson carb and are they worth 120$?