1. Baja_brandon96

    Doodlebug Predator swap....low top speed?

    Hey all! Forgive me for being spotty in my postings, i have rather poor internet here in camp. So after getting my Doodlebug running well, i enjoyed it for a bit with the stock 97cc engine. Was quite reliable, and easy to handle. Struggled with inclines, but it had a respectable 27mph top...
  2. J

    68 Rupp TT500 Headlight Bezel NOS will pay top dollar

    Looking for an NOS 68 Rupp TT500 headlight bezel,and reflector. I will pay top dollar for the right parts. Thanks
  3. BWL

    Top Four Powerheads for Hot-Rodding Mud Motors I'm about to start a new build. I was thinking of powerheads people use to build mud motors. I'm talking serious power 8k RPM and above using clones. Okay, I listed them as follows: 4. HB non-hemi 3. Dynocams clone 2. HB hemi 1. Box Stock...
  4. B

    WTB. George Barris Mini Bikes & Parts. Any condition. Top Dollar Paid.

    WTB. George Barris Mini Bikes & Parts. Any condition. Top Dollar Paid. We are looking for California Choppers, Super Stockers, Flamers, Mod Scenes and the Mini Dragger intact, rolling, original or restored. Please PM Only. Looking for Barris/ Stellar/ Republic clutch covers/ chain guards, Tab...
  5. C

    Reducing top end speed

    Good day all I need sounding board for my thoughts on how to reduce top end speed. Recently purchased what I believe is a doodle bug, and with the current gear and engine set up the online calculators show me a top speed of 31mph (stock tires, 1:5 ratio and 3600 rpms). Way too quick for my 8...
  6. B

    Wanted: Vintage Chopper mini bikes. Original or Restored TOP $$ Paid.

    Wanted: Vintage Chopper mini bikes. Original or Restored TOP $$ Paid. No tire kickers here, not looking to talk your ear off for weeks, ask you for hundreds of photos and then make an embarrassing offer. That is Not us, we Do Not operate like that. There is 1 person on here that does exactly...
  7. B

    WANTED: George Barris Orig. MOD SCENE and ALL other Barris bikes. TOP $$$ Paid. No BS

    WANTED: George Barris Orig. MOD SCENE and ALL other Barris mini bikes and parts. TOP $$$ Paid for a complete and original Mod Scene. No BS. If you know someone who has a Mod Scene please make the connection and a Finders Fee will be paid upon purchase. Wanted to complete our Barris collection...
  8. B

    WANTED: Cat Duster clutch cover in nice condition. Top $$ paid.

    WANTED: Cat Duster chopper clutch cover in nice condition. Top $$ paid. Medium size. Approx. 16 1/2" long. Any help or leads are greatly appreciated. Please send PM or Email: Thanks, Greg
  9. B

    WTB "Needle in the Haystack" Trail Horse Chopper mini bike Top $ paid.

    WTB "Needle in the Haystack" Trail Horse Chopper Top $ paid. Would like complete bike. Either original, restored or complete project. Other Make or Model chopper? What do you have? I'm interested. Please email @ Thanks, BBT
  10. baggedwinnebago

    Pvc engine holder for bench top work

    This is nothing fancy but if you need to work on an engine on a bench a 3" pvc couple worked good to to hold your horz. engine in the vertical position
  11. maknwar

    Help with arc top plate install

    Just got this kit: DJ-1014 ARC Box Stock Parts Kit - ARC Racing It's for a predator 69730, and ordered the 1144 part. Can't figure out how to install. The front bolt isn't long enough and the linkage interferes with the top plate.
  12. Not so mini bike

    Stellar top mount gas tank.

    The all most unheard of stellar top mount gas tank. Not gonna build this bike so no need for this anymore. Outside is cleaned down to bare metal. Inside is clean as well. One little dent in top of the tank. Original gas cap. No fuel petcock. $300 shipped and insured. My packages like this are...
  13. 125ccCrazy

    looking for someone that can turn the top of a piston down

    I have a pop up piston and if I use the longer rod it will stick out of the hole probably .020-.030 so I will need to top outer edge turned down so I can get it to zero deck height,, a little may need to be milled off the pop up area also.. If this is something you think you can do let me know..
  14. ArcticMinibike

    Harbor Freight 6.5 Gallon Bench Top Parts Washer - Reviews?

    Anyone have any experience with the small 6.5 gallon bench top parts washer from Harbor Freight? It looks a bit flimsy but I only need it occasionally and don't have space or $ for a large unit. Pump reliability would be the only real concern I have. My alternative is the slightly smaller one...
  15. BBQJOE

    Seeking super top secret answer

    No one seems to know the answer to this, and my meter doesn't tell me squat. I have a 196 clone with a headlight on my bike. There are two coils under the flywheel excited bt two magnets on the backside of the flywheel. Can anyone please tell me what sort of voltage is produced here...
  16. J

    Dellorto float bowl top

    Looking for a good used float top. It would be the one with the float needle and pin/arm. thanks
  17. 125ccCrazy

    wanted: gx390/420 billet rod, cam, intake manifold, flat top piston for a 420cc

    looking for a good used or new stock length rod, cam no bigger than 360 lift, intake manifold for Mikuni...
  18. CarPlayLB

    The "Super Top Secret" Gilson build

    First off, I can't post any pics 'cause Hent is doing something with the pics...I will have some and do my best to post them up! I bought some sort of Gilson from BowHunt4Life...great guy to deal with! I have one build left in me, and this is it! For those that are close to me, you know I have...
  19. L

    Race ready honda clone, black mamba cam, flat top piston, big valve, billet internals

    Black mamba cam Honda flat top piston file fit rings ARC billet flywheel ARC billet rod ARC billet gx200 to gx390 carb adapter GX390 Carb Velocity stack + air filter + choke hold bracket 8mm plug wire champion rockers 1 to 1 ratio chr push rods raceseng guide plate 28.5mm intake...
  20. L

    Race ready honda clone, 308 cam, flat top piston, big valve, billet flywheel+rod+more

    308 cam new honda flat top piston file fit rings arc flywheel 8mm plug wire champion rockers chr push rods raceseng guide plate 28.5mm int 25mm exh valves head milled approx .030 .010 head gasket grade 8 head bolts walbro fuel pump E3 sparkplug 450$ OBO i'll split shipping costs. Generally...