1. B

    George Barris Super Stocker Tribute bike.

    We are building a George Barris Tribute bike to use as a rider for Windber 2017. This is 1 of 11 George Barris bikes in our collection. BIG Thanks to everyone who has helped us acquire the Barris mini bikes and parts lots over the past 2 years. It is a true Barris Super Stocker with the BBT...
  2. olddog

    Raptor Tribute on Ebay

    Briggs & Stratton Raptor Jr. 3.5 HP Custom Built Engine Go Cart Mini Bike Motor | eBay Raptor Tribute on ebay.
  3. B

    Harley Davidson tribute mini bike build:)

    I built this Harley Davidson tribute bike for my nephew for his birthday witch is July 10th. Since we're a big Harley family my nephew Clyde is always mad the he doesn't have one like his father and uncle so I decided to build him his own. I hope he likes it:)
  4. hrod50

    For Sale Harley Davidson Tribute.

    $ View image in gallery View image in gallery 750.00 or best offer for "ONE OF THE KIND". Baja Heat made into a Harley Davidson Tribute. It has mirrors, front windshield, new battery, horn, running light, fog light, turn signals, stop light, four way flasher all in working order...
  5. hrod50

    pictures of the Harley davidson tribute.

    Hi, I found the way to put pictures, sorry it took so long. Please give me your opinion on this project. All the lights work plus I put a four way flasher. Thank you.:smile:
  6. Harley Davidson Tribute

    Harley Davidson Tribute

  7. Harley Davidson Tribute

    Harley Davidson Tribute

  8. Harley Davidson Tribute

    Harley Davidson Tribute

  9. Harley Davidson Tribute

    Harley Davidson Tribute

  10. Harley Davidson Tribute

    Harley Davidson Tribute

  11. Harley Davidson Tribute

    Harley Davidson Tribute

    Checking out the fit on the seat and the gas tank.
  12. Harley Davidson Tribute

    Harley Davidson Tribute

    The fake gas tank painted with logo
  13. Harley Davidson Tribute

    Harley Davidson Tribute

    The chassis strip and painted
  14. Harley Davidson Tribute beginning

    Harley Davidson Tribute beginning

    This is the beginning.
  15. W

    My vintage mini bike tribute build

    I've built mini bikes, motorcycles, cars, and trucks (as well as a bunch of restoration projects) over the past twenty years. My love of motorcycles and vehicles started in the early 1970's when my parents bought me a used mini bike. I rode the wheels off that bike, it was awesome! A few years...
  16. G

    A Tribute to Fallen Heros

    My thoughts and sympathies are with the friends and families of Deputy Michael Davis, Jr., and Deputy Danny Oliver. May you RIP gentlemen. A grieving America is the lesser because of a cowardly individual's heinous actions on your tragic final shift. May God bless the two of you, American...
  17. Spyderdregg

    My Uncles tribute

    My Uncle,David Trepes, was a patrolman on the Maple Heights Ohio Police Department for 13 years,from 1970 to 1983 til a car accident forced him into early retirement.Growing up,I was always very close with my Uncle Dave and my Aunt Mary Lou and my two cousins,we are only a couple years apart in...
  18. Ml-toys

    Dads mini bike tribute

    My dad passed away on saturday the 15th (last week) he was 84. i decided to build a mini bike from what he used to do and enjoy. So since he loved his job as a school bus driver that he did for many many years it will be yellow with red accents. His other love was fishing so i have to...
  19. Richard Trotter

    750 Tote Gote Tribute

    I'm starting on a 750 Tote Gote that I want to be a tribute to the Racing Tote gotes seen in these early 70's pictures. These gotes had a 12" front wheel instead of the standard 8".
  20. oldfatguy

    a nice tribute for 9-11

    I Believe -A 9/11 Tribute. - YouTube