tt 500

  1. Biodude

    Another Rupp TT500 for sale on Ebay!

    Looks like a nice one out of New York. The red is eye catching. Not 100% correct, but it definitely would be a great rider. vintage 1968 tt-500 rupp minibike | eBay
  2. Biodude

    Looks like a Rupp TT500 for sale in Titusville FL. Anyone interested?

    Looks like a nice bike. I wish you could see more detail on CL photos tho. I am always partial to the TT500's myself. 1968 Rupp TT-500 As far as I can tell everything is there and in fair condition. Some pitting on chrome that will need to be reworked but for the most part the bike is...
  3. Biodude

    Beautiful 1968 Rupp TT500 on E Bay right now!

    Very well done restoration now listed. My favorite color and the choice I will be going with next time. Curious to see what it goes for. Other Makes Rupp | eBay
  4. Biodude

    Found my personal Holy Grail today!

    Found my personal favorite Rupp today. A guy contacted me telling me he had a minibike like mine he wanted to part with. It was sitting in a barn up at his families cabin up in northern MN. I had my doubts until he texted me some photos. Turned out it was a complete bike with the clutch cover...
  5. Biodude

    Slowly putting the TT together...

    I guess I don't know why I waited so long but I thought I would post a few photos while I am waiting for parts. I am excited to get it completed but I will have to wait a little longer. I think it will gleam when I finally take it out in the daylight. :smile: Hopefully there won't be snow on the...