1. Valocalrep

    Doodlebug upgrade engine plate

    Just a shot in the dark seeing if anyone has a spare one laying around they wouldnt mind parting with before i pull the trigger on a new one
  2. R

    Any off-the-shelf front brakes for the Baja Heat? Or an upgrade for the rear?

    Now that the go part is working well, I need to think about more whoa. That rear drum is ok for 25mph but I feel it's sketchy at 40mph.:scared: I'm not opposed to buying a parts bike just for the brakes. What should I look for? Thanks!
  3. jeep4me

    Yukon Trail Upgrade Parts

    Selling some parts to upgrade your Yukon Trail full suspension minibike. Should also work on a Baja Warrior or puma 200. Includes lightly used original Comet TAV2, PMR adjustable engine mount plate and a custom cut 65 tooth rear sprocket (from MB165, here on OldMiniBikes). Selling as a set only...
  4. G

    Original DoodleBug Upgrade Questions.

    Hey guys it has been awhile. Well a few years back I bought two doodle bugs for my twin girls. I also put the hot rod jack shaft kits on them. Well the girls are 12 now and pretty much put grown them. My nephew who is 8 is riding the wheels off them lol. Well I am looking at doing the...
  5. J

    Baja MB 200 Rear Sprocket Question? Upgrade?

    I have the MB200 and installed a tc2 converter definitely a good choice problem I'm having is I purchased a standard universal 60 tooth sprocket and it would not lined up for me on the hub? Any recommendations on which sprocket to get and where?
  6. C

    Predator 212 Hemi Wondering what my next upgrade should be.

    I am wanting more power. I trail ride and occasionally run on the street. Wondering what my next upgrade should be. Current setup is.. Hemi 212 Billet Flywheel Billet Rod (Stock Size) Intake Jet Kit Straight Pipe Exhaust TAV 12T/53T -Just Bought Black Mamba Jr 26lb Springs...
  7. D

    What mods are required to run with out gov on Chinese ohv

    I have a Baja warrior, I want to remove the Gov and install a Comet TAV, level 2 hop up, Billet rod and flywheel, and chrome moly push rods. What else should I replace? The hop up has 22lb valve springs, bored and jetted carb, billet flywheel, head gasket, and a race air filter and adaptor. The...
  8. dylanc4941

    Air Filter and Jet Upgrade Question

    Hey all, I just ordered a Filter kit and jet kit with the 140 emulsion tube and the two jets from OldMiniBikes for my Predator 212. My question is, I am trying to keep the stock exhaust on. I currently ride around my neighborhood so I'd rather not upset any neighbors. So will I have to get a header to...
  9. S

    Mikuni 22mm Carb vs CNC bored box carb

    Im wanting to upgrade my carb on my predator 212 and don't know if its worth it to spend the extra money and get the mikuni carb kit, i keep reading how much of an upgrade the mikuni carb is i just can't decide if its worth spending more than i did on my whole motor, any body have any experience...
  10. Georgegn

    Bad Dog trying to be a little badder...

    Bought it off Craigs with a 7 horse Tecumseh.. Started to upgrade it with 420 cc Harbor Freight,then they come out with this torque monster.. 22 horse V-twin. Trying to make room for a torque convertor setup..I can see definite brake upgrade in the future.
  11. J

    Rupp Scrub Brake Upgrade?

    I have what appears to be based on research here a Rupp Chopper. It is mostly stock, but has a newer motor. I did some trade with a guy at work who was tired of tripping over it in his garage. It was his as a kid, his kids rode it too, but are now all out of the house. He thought my 5yr old...
  12. G

    OldMiniBikes Doodle Bug Upgrade Parts Problem

    So I ordered the Upgrade kit#1 which includes the new header muffler, emulsion tube, and air filter. When I tried to thread the muffler in to the header, it would barely get together and then just jam, and it gets stuck. I studied the threading on both, and the Taiwan-made muffler looked to have...
  13. G

    OldMiniBikes Doodle Bug Upgrade Parts Problem

    So I ordered the Upgrade kit#1 which includes the new header muffler, emulsion tube, and air filter. When I tried to thread the muffler in to the header, it wouldn't fit. I studied the threading on both, and the Taiwan-made muffler looked to have some flaws at the very beginning of the...
  14. T

    Coleman verse doodlebug

    Does anybody know if the Coleman minibike is worth doing an engine upgrade on?it looks very similar to a doodlebug.is a doodlebug a better bike? Thanks
  15. JohnnyTillotson

    pics since board upgrade

    Anyone else have probs since yesterday's board upgrade ? I get file too large when uploading multiples and when I upload one at a time I get error creating thumbnail. My files always were on the large size as I save in hi-def but didnt have issues. Was the threshold Lowered? Last bunch I...
  16. slam49

    new tires

    where can I find new tires for my old bike? I have searched around but i'm pretty sure they don't sell the size that are on my bike. they are 5" wheels but the tires are about 13" tall. I don't really want to replace them with a shorter tire because it will kill the looks, and I don't really...
  17. 1997

    My new mini bike- Baja Blitz?

    I picked this up at a swap meet for $100 minus chain a few weeks ago. I have looked it up online and found this site. (I am 16 and live in Washington state.) It was green stock. Someone put a 6.5 honda clone on it, and it looks like it had a 2.8hp on it stock. I am looking for a brake upgrade...
  18. M

    my brake upgrade

    Pucked both old and New from hotrodminibikes.com.
  19. B

    valve train upgrade

    hi guys whats the hot setup for cam upgrade black mamba sounds popular but i seen Isky alot too got a hemi motor but havent pulled the head(or even the spark plug lol)so not sure if i have a dished piston(should i change to a flattop piston) where is the best source for all these parts cam...
  20. S

    need clutch advice for mmb80 Predator upgrade

    I am about to upgrade as per the title... I am not interested in top end speed or high performance I just want to be able to get up hills... Currently OEM clutch has 11 teeth and the rear sprocket has 75 teeth... I am looking for recommendations for the right clutch/teeth for my...