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    Help! Throttle cable help on 6.5 upgrade

    To all those who have the 6.5 engine upgrade (more specfically the HF engine as i'm not sure if other brands are the same), how did you hook up the throttle cable. I was gonna make a small L bracket for the main cable to feed through and hold it in place but its the end of the cable itself...
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    Need Engine Upgrade Kit

    I read that a member puts one together. Can someone let me know who that is Please. Stock engine just won't cut it anymore. Thanks.
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    Cheapest Way to upgrade DB30

    I recently bought a new doodlebug remake mini bike. I like it sort of. It takes for ever to get moving. I dont way that much though. I only way about 150 lbs. Can anyone help me with the cheapest way to add more torque. Im low on cash right now. I dont think I have much any time soon either.