1. DeadPixel

    UT2 head compared to my box stock.

    So I bought this UT2 head and was pretty excited about it. It has a 18cc chamber so it raises compression on my 196 and it has a 26mm intake valve. Last night I found it had a 23mm exhaust not a 24mm as well. I thought O great as the GX200 and clones have disproportionate sized valves anyways...
  2. DeadPixel

    UT2 exhaust valve stem seal?

    Tried to transfer the valve seals from my BSP head over to my UT2 head and the exhaust valve stem seal dose not fit. It is not machined for it either. Do I not run one on the UT2 head?
  3. DeadPixel

    Champion rockers install on UT2 head?

    Ordered the champion shaft rockers today. Are they a full bolt on or do I need to machine the head at all? There going on a UT2 160 head. Am wondering if the rocker stud boss needs machined down at all or machined flat.
  4. DeadPixel

    +.175 stroker crank and UT2 piston in 196 clone.

    Just curious can a person use the UT2 piston with a +.175 stroker crank and a +.010 length rod being that the stock piston is +.020 in the hole in a 196 clone. If I did my math right that would put the piston just below the deck at .0025" has any one tried this?