1. Sixpac440

    Heald VT-1 on CL .. question about it ..

    I dont want to buy it .... the clutch cover is from a boonie bike... that is not correct .... correct? I know it would say Heald something ...
  2. Davis

    Heald VT-1 questions

    I just got this heald VT-1 seems to be prity solid two speed is all there and intact I'm thinking the 5hp briggs 1970 is the original motor my question is is this bike worth restoring or put a predator in it and go? And I'm assuming a clutch cover for this is nonexistent any input would help thanks.
  3. B

    First Build any tips?? Heald VT-1 ?

    Any insights are welcome. This is my first build and I got a rolling frame. The front drum brake mechanisms are functional and both tires are on, back tire has a sprocket. The pedal or whatever you would call it for the jack shaft is intact as well. The rest of the bike is just the frame...
  4. B

    Heald VT-1 Jack shaft

    I am trying to get my VT-1 up and running. I need to get a motor and the jack shafts. Motor I will figure out... Any suggestions on where to find what I am looking for or if you are selling it let me know!! Thanks!
  5. R

    Is the Heald VT-1 same as a Heathkit?

    All this time I thought I had a Heathkit boonie bike until I looked the the ads.. When I bought my "Heathkit Boonie" the original owner gave me a clutch cover that said "Kits by heald" on it.. So do I have a Heald VT-1, or a boonie bike.. Or "same thing" type of deal?
  6. Mark G

    Heald Trail Bike VT-1

    My friend picked this up a little while ago,and when he went to look at it he thought it was a Heathkit Boonie bike. The frames look identical with the exception of the rear axle bracket. Turns out it is a Heald VT-1 Trail bike. Pretty uncommon, and all complete. The guy was the original owner...