1. S

    1969 Bird Duck Handle Bars & Forks

    I’ve been looking all through Craigslist list and Facebook market place for a bit and I can’t find these bars for my bird project. If anyone has these bars please let me know. I’m looking to pay around $50. Only PayPal goods and services. I hope I’m using this section right
  2. S

    Need seat for Arco minibike 6" center mount

    looking for a seat for my arco minibike, needs a 6" center mount. can vary a little on the length. thank you
  3. S

    WTB: Tecumseh H50 w/lighting coil

    Hello: I am still gathering parts for my 1969 Bonanza 1400T project and I am now looking out for an engine. Must be a vintage Tecumseh H50 5hp with a lighting coil. Motor should be in great shape, no issues. Does not have to be date specific to the bike. 60's or 70's vintage fine, just not...
  4. CLH

    H60 or H70 Tecumseh

    Looking for a Tecumseh H60 or H70 engine. (or any 6/7hp Tecumseh model variant) Needs 1" shaft, at least 2 3/4" inches long with 1/4 inch keyway. Any era, any condition as long as its complete or near complete. Going onto a early 60's Tote Gote Nova 670. Thanks
  5. C

    Wanted sidekick rear wheel....

    I am looking for a sidekick rear wheel. Thanks
  6. CLH

    Wanted Briggs & Stratton 8hp flathead

    I am looking for a flathead 8hp Briggs motor. 8hp with 1 inch shaft. Shaft must be at least 2 3/4 inches long. Or provide me a model number and type to see if I can find a shaft to swap in. Cases should be smooth without studs sticking out, most I/C series engines will NOT fit in this...
  7. G

    Speedway Front Fork Parts 10" Model

    71 Speedway Fork Rebuild... I need some stuff. Please Help... Wanted/Looking For: Plastic Retainer Rings - Mine Are Broken Springs - One is Rusty/Broken Dust Caps - One is Torn
  8. J

    Trail Horse fenders wanted

    Please if you have any trail horse fenders to sell, please pm me. Thank you Joe
  9. R

    wanted,ft tire......

    24x7.00-8 ...... or mabee a 22 will work ......
  10. R

    wanted,rear fender metal bajaeat

    like notsominibike......
  11. Rad Randy

    Wards Mini Bike Info Wanted

    I just picked up a Wards Mini Bike with a 5 HP Tecumseh and it has 10" Wheels with 24 spokes. Looks to be kind of a Rupp copy. I need a rear wheel as mine is badly bent. Also I would like to see some pics of this model when new or in a magazine or catalog ad. Wanting to restore this one as...
  12. S

    WANTED front forks for a harrison wildcat

    Need some forks for a harrison wildcat
  13. P

    Wanted 4.10/3.50-6 complete rear wheel w/ sprocket

    Watcha got ? Need on the cheap, doesnt need a tire or tube just looking for the complete wheel assembly with 60t sprocket
  14. george3

    Wanted briggs muffler

    Looking for a muffler set up like this.
  15. KustomKartKid

    Wanted Old Gas Cap...like this:

    Need an old gas cap that looks like this: PM if you've got one to sell or trade....thanks.
  16. minimotor

    Bonanza BC1000 Forks Wanted

    Anyone out there have a Bonanza BC1000 fork for sale?
  17. U

    Taco mini bike wanted

    Hi, I'm looking for Taco mini bike frames, rollers, parts! Thanks!
  18. dw1973

    Savage wanted

    Looking for a Savage minibike. Will pay shipping to 49235 zip.
  19. dw1973

    Flexo wanted

    Looking for a Flexo roller. Will pay to ship to 49235 zip.
  20. Ajf

    Bonanza parts wanted

    I'm building a bonanza bc1300s. I'm looking for front struts, rear shocks, fenders, tires, seat, tail light, headlight, engine mounts and air filter for hodaka. May also do a bc1400 so if you have seat pan, tank or handlebars for a 1400 I may want them too. Thanks