1. markus

    Real winner on ebay!

    Looks like a pretty complete example :thumbsup: THE CAT VINTAGE MINI BIKE-RUNS GOOD | eBay 1972 Bennet Bros. catalog:
  2. Txpowdercoater

    Winner winner chicken dinner (a DBR review)

    whelp, I ordered the clutch and it didnt show, was due thursday, no show, they updated the web to show due and delivered on friday, of course, I dont know where they delivered if they did. Anyways, here we are on Monday, Mike with Downs Brothers Racing has already pm'd me saying if it doesnt...
  3. Toycartony


    What no cheers for Penske, Brad and Dodge???:thumbsup:
  4. guardrail dave

    taco 22 b/the build off winner

    1965 taco22 b with numbers $1000 the winner of the 2012 OldMiniBikes vintage class minibike build off i can get this bike delivered to windber for the reunion if any of you back east guys need a taco in your collections
  5. Blue custom drag bike  minibike

    Blue custom drag bike minibike

    Winner of Mini Bike of the Month April 2007